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(Hey kids. Here is yesterday’s lost entry slightly modified. Thanks for your advice on my site traffic problem. I’m current mulling the options. Mull… Mull...)

Yes kids, it’s that time again. Let’s see what’s doing in the land du la la…

Actor McConaughey Arrested For Drugs In Texas: The new wrinkle in this little story is that apparently Matthew was dancing around naked, smoking a doobie, and playing the congas. I guess this is just innocent down-home fun but man, you Texas people are fucking nuts. And what I’m wondering is how long before McConaughey and Woody Harrelson actually become the same person?

Fox Orders Full Season Of ‘Angel’: Ah. News that will make every 13 year-old girl happy - along with 95% of online journalers.

ABC Signs On For More 'Snoops': OK. While I don’t give a crap about this – (except to say that the only reason ABC is doing this is not to piss off David E. Kelley) – it did allow me to win a million dollar bet with M. She swore that the non-Gina Gershon chick on this show was the pregnant girl in the classic Mark Harmon movie Summer School. (But really, isn’t every Mark Harmon movie a classic?) Well, I was recently at a party with the Summer School girl, Shawnee, and knew that she now had huge breasts and was doing small movies. Hence, the Snoops girl had to be a different chick. Well, now I know it is! It’s Paula Marshall or some shit. Ha ha. What should I do with my million bucks?

Leelee Sobieski And Thora Birch To Play Major Roles In ``Ghost World,'': I’m not kidding, this LeeLee Sobieski signs onto a new movie every day. Every single day she gets cast. How can someone make a career as Helen Hunt Lite? I just don’t get it.

Fox Fires Rookie Dramas: Fox cancelled a couple TV dramas, including Ryan Caufield: Year One. Funny thing is M. was up for a gig on that show which would have shot today. And they cancelled it yesterday. Oh well…

Actor Kelsey Grammer Undergoes Appendectomy: I am mad at Kelsey Grammer for this for two reasons. First, when I hear "appendectomy" in Hollywood, I hear "drugs." C’mon, it’s like Matthew Perry’s "dependence on pain killers" or someone suffering from "exhaustion". Or Ronald Reagan and his "Alzheimer’s". Pffffffff. Gimme a break here! And secondly, our Maria in Twelfth Night got a gig on Frasier, and now with his "appendectomy", shooting has been postponed to the same time as one of our dress rehearsals. Oooh, but I just realized that means I get to have my hand on the cute understudy’s breast at least once now. Uh… Take your time recuperating Kelsey.


…Despite my total lack of knowledge about computers, I fear I’m becoming a bit of a geek. This past weekend pricing laptops for M. has made me totally obsess about owning one. She picked one out and is getting it this weekend. It has a fucking DVD player! We can watch movies on it. I know, it’s probably standard fare these days but man, it’s pretty cool. And it weighs like 1 ounce. Damn, I even found myself watching the Cartoon Network last night after rehearsal. And I’m getting really good at Minesweeper (81 Intermediate). The minute I start playing Magic The Gathering, someone knee me in the balls.


…Earlier this morning I was reading Beth’s garden journal and I told M. how much I wanted a backyard. She said, "Just do it already. Go out and find one." Of course I said, ah well, I can’t do anything right now with the play… And she flipped, telling me that I always talk about this shit that I want but never do anything about it. I was stunned. And boss Fred the other day told me I should be hustling more – that the fact that I’m still at this job (what a cool boss, huh?) must mean I’m not doing enough. At first I was like, how much more can I possibly do, fuckers? Seriously. I’m working my fucking ass off here. But after some contemplation, and a few rounds of Minesweeper, I changed my mind. I think in some way they’re right. I’m not sure exactly how they’re right, but they must be. More simply: while it is also true that right now I can do nothing being home, as I am, literally only 30 minutes a day before I have to go to sleep – in the grand scope of things I do tend to do a lot of other things to get where I want to go, instead of doing the thing. Item: there is this great storytelling group called Celestial Navigations, and on one of their CD’s the dude tells this story of how his friend would always be planning –

"My friend is always saying ‘alright, I got this working, I’m doing that, that’s coming along nicely, this is starting to happen, - and when all these things are finally working, then I’ll do THAT.’ ‘Well, why don’t you just do THAT. Just do the thing!?’ ‘Nope. First I gotta do that. Gotta make sure this is coming along. Get that over there boiling. And then I’ll do THAT.’…And he’s moving through life, backwards."


…I’m in a wicked game of Hollywood Call Sheet Dodgeball with that William Morris agent who called me the other day after reading the script. Gonna go try him once again…

The Larry King Happy Song Corner

king larry.gif (10010 bytes)

With a boulder on Larry’s shoulder, feeling kinda older, I tripped a merry-go-round. With the very unpleasing sneezing and wheezing, the calliope crashed to the ground. Blinded by the light. Wrapped up like a deuce, another runner in the night. Blinded by the light. She got down but she never got tight. Larry’s gonna make it through the night… speaking of which. If you ever make it to Boston I recommend you try this little dago joint on Washington and Commonwealth. I swear they make the best farfalla with calliope sauce you’ll ever eat. Abundanza!

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