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former new kid danny wood
(called "monkey boy" "the ugliest new kid" "gorilla" and "evil troll" by y'all meanies)

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Oh man! My beautiful entry was somehow deleted. Stupid computers. Stupid.

Well, since I have you, I need help. I'm having site traffic problems. I got this message from Earthlink:

According to the Terms and Conditions on the use of your personal
web site, each EarthLink member web site is entitled to 250 MB (megabytes)
of traffic per month. This message is being sent to warn you that your web site has just
exceeded 90% of your traffic allotment. Please take steps now
to reduce this traffic.

It's hard being this damn good. But seriously, does anyone know how I can solve this?


...Since photos seem to be part of the above problem, let's play a new game for a while. It's called "The Andy Dick Memorial Bust Pool."

What you'll do is send in the names of 2 or 3 celebrities you think have a good chance of being arrested in November. We'll keep a running tally and then laugh as they get busted. No winners. Just losers. (And don't bother nominating Mr. Dick. He's on the list in perpetuity.)

The Larry King Happy Song Corner

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Larry is too busy marveling over the fact that he got his wife pregnant again to sing.

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