who dat? contest.

(yo stee. i know
who dat?)

last game:

spoiler nader's vp candidate
winona laduke

first correct answer:

joy locke

where is my mind?

I'm insanely busy today. We're very understaffed alla sudden here and simulaneously very busy due to the upcoming holidays. So I've had little time to organize my thoughts ("Like you ever do, Stee." Shut up.) So I'm just going to record some of the random things that enter my brain today. Perhaps fleetingly. Perhaps obsessively, do these thing pass. We'll see.

Man, I should stop eating these Sweet Tarts.

The coffee rings on my desk look very cool.

Fucking A! A package. I love Amazon.com. Uh, shit. I hope this Black Eyed Peas album is good.

Can I trust _______?

Man, she is very cute, that one.

The election. What went wrong? Really. Gore should be a lock, right? Right? It was kind of exciting, though.

If it's true that Ben Folds Five broke up, I'm going to be very very sad.

The new guy dresses like I did in the third grade.

I'm so glad I don't moderate the Politics threads.

I don't care what people think, reading the New Yorker makes me look and feel very smart.

Um...I don't get this article on gene splicing.

Fuck, man. Where exactly does the comma go in relation to the quotation marks again?

Oh shit. The $treet is on tonight. Fuck.

He's eating macaroni on pizza? That's nasty.

Pamie's topic forum on farting is really gross.

"Snowballing?" Oh, hell no.

Shut up shut up shut up! If you don't close your door during your next conference call I'm going to pee in your ficus.

These pants fucking rule.

Jesus, it's 4pm already!

Fuck yeah! Another Amazon order arrived.

Stop staring at her tits. Stop it. Seriously. Pretend you were looking past her. Quick! That's right. Good job. She didn't even notice.

I'm out of control, aren't I?

I wish I could have voted for Nader.

My Homies figurines keep falling down. I wonder if the cleaning crew plays with them at night.

I can't believe people keep guessing the WhoDat? Smart readers, I have.

Could I get more Spam? I don't think so.

If I cry tonight when I lose Scrabble, that will be very embarassing.

I'm worried my journal is fucking boring these days.

Going out to dinner makes me very very happy. I wish I could do this every night.

I got nominated for a diarist.net award. Wow. Very cool. Oh, look. People are fighting about it again. Huh.

Does anyone live a totally lie-free life? Like 100% fib-free. I wish I could.

Was he joking about her having her own porn website? Yeah, probably.

Oh yeah, Steve Bucsemi was in that too.

So that would literally be Netscape crash number fourteen today.

I think one of my three directors thinks I hate him. I totally don't.

I can't believe how awesome I am at procratination. Seriously talented.

Someone explain to me why guys have to groan when the pee. Maybe at home but not next to other guys with thier dicks out.

What the fuck?! My high-school had a second more real reunion last weekend and didn't tell me!?!?!?!?! I'm going to fucking kill someone.

Oh please please please please please...

OK, I'm really pretty fucking disgusted with myself that I ate that whole package of Sweet Tarts.

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The Anna Nicole Smith Happy Song Corner

Gouge away. You can gouge away. Stay all day, if you want to. Missy aggravation, some sacred questions. You stroke my locks. Some marijuana, if you got some. Gouge away. You can gouge away. Stay all day, if you want to. Sleeping on your belly. You break my arms, you spoon my eyes. Been rubbing a bad charm with holy fingers. Gouge away. You can gouge away. Stay all day, if you want to. Chained to the pillars. A 3-day party. I break the walls and kill us all, with holy fingers. Gouge away. You can gouge away. Stay all day, if you want to... speaking of which. I'm staying all day, y'all, glued to this CNN election coverage. So in case you don't know what's going on, I'll tell y'all. Bush won all the red states and Gore won all the blue states, but the other guy won the blank states but he might not have gone to some election college and everyone is saying that college is bad and then the blacks or the old people or something messed up counting and they have to count the votes again in Florida, I think, and Bush is also the head of Florida so people don't think he'll count fair and then this Green guy stole votes somehow from Gore and made him loose Alaska... or something... and then the state above California doesn't count because no one lives there and only the males can vote who do. They call it a male-in vote, because they don't have enough women or women aren't allowed to vote or some shit, so the whole thing comes down to the men and then the blacks and old people in Florida... I think. Well, it's very exciting. It is. It is. I wish I could vote but I'm Texan.
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