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in limbo

There is very little I hate more than waiting. Man, and today has just been a whole lot of waiting. Just a big-ass day of waiting. Listening to music and working and waiting...

Well, the morning was spent fixing something I screwed up yesterday because I'm sick and I was hopped-up on cold medicine all day. I ended up staying home last night. I rented a movie. Now, I think I have really good taste in most things. Movies, music, books, women, friends. But I do have lapses. Last night I decided to get a movie because I was feeling like shit and just wanted to lie on the couch and drink orange juice and watch a movie. So at my small local video store, I went to new releases and immediately picked up two videos...and I knew I was in trouble.

OK, there are categories of films I always end up seeing, and always end up hating. Every time. And then I get mad at myself for seeing it even though I'd sworn off that particular category. So I put bans on them. Sometimes they stick: like with Adam Sandler movies. Fucking Wedding Singer was the last straw. Sometimes they don't work: Woody Allen. I always get sucked in somehow, and always hate myself afterwards. Well, the two movies I picked up fit perhaps the two worst of the categories - and two I find myself most powerless over: Teen Slasher Films, and Sandra Bullock movies. I know. I know. You probably just lost all respect for me right there. The Teen Movies. I don't know. I guess I think maybe there'll be a Scream in there somewhere. Or maybe I just grew up on Freddie and Jason and am hoping to be scared again, but no longer have the capacity (unless it's something freaky and original like Blair Witch.) And they are never good. Never. But a few people said that the movie I had in my hands, Final Destination, was surprisingly good. But I'd heard that before. So the other movie... Look, I don't think Sandra Bullock is good. I don't. I think she's sweet but probably dumb as a post and a very very limited actress, but she's just so damn cute. And I know she's not going to get naked. I know this. And I know the movie isn't going to be any good, but I can't help myself.

Well, I ended up renting 28 Days. It's OK. I didn't get through it because I ended up doing 5 loads of laundry and talking on the phone for two hours (Sandra Bullock film, laundry, and the phone...yes, I am a 17 year-old girl.) And it's not terrible. The problem is that rehab movies just make me want to get tanked.

But the waiting thing. It's just annoying. I'm waiting for the cold to go away so I can feel better and hang with people again and not worry about getting them sick. I'm waiting for some career stuff to happen. Career shit is always a waiting game and you're always waiting for people to give you an answer here in Hollywood. To pass judgment. And I'm not complaining -- I love the position I'm in right now. It's just sort of maddening just waiting and waiting. And, of course, I'm waiting to see who's going to win the elections. I suppose by the time you read this, we'll have our answers. But right now all those things are contributing to making me very antsy. (OK, as I upload this, Bush was just declared the winner. I was at a bar with friends all night watching the returns. Man, I'm deeply disappointed in America right now. Disappointed and fucking confused.)

And while diet coke and gum and tom petty help, they don't help completely.

Oh, and big thanks to shelley for being so cool and for taking such good pictures.

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