who dat? contest.

(yo stee. i know
who dat?)

last game:

julie oliver, from the first episode of the real world.

i had a fat crush on her.

first correct answer:


left column don't wanna work. left column want to bang on a drum all day.

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You know, I had a very exciting and interesting topic all ready to lay on you, and then I started messing around with napster again, and next thing you know... party over, oops, out of time.

I know I'm coming to this whole digital music revolution late, but I'm finding it all fucking incredible. This notion that I can download pretty much any song I want, is amazing to me. Granted, the sound is shitty, it sometimes makes my computer freak out, and only a small portion of your attempted downloads work - even with this T1 line I'm on - but overall it is just incredible. (Speaking of annoyances, I've been trying to get songs from the girl I went to my prom with, who has a few albums out, but every single download of hers doesn't work, for one reason or another.)

I'm obsessed with music, as I've stated previously, and have it playing pretty much from the time I get up to the time I go to sleep - so this is just making me very happy. Here's the list of stuff I've downloaded over the past couple days...

limp bizkit & tool. stalemate & sweat.
not sure what this is yet or where it's from. it cuts off at the end. that's the problem with some of this stuff, you have no idea what it is. sounds funky though.

beastie boys & cypress hill. so whatcha what?
not sure what this is either or what it came from, but it's cool.

ben folds five. battle of who could cares less. smoke. philosophy. selfless, cold, and composed. video killed the radio star. raindrops keep falling on my head.
i love me some bf5. a lot of these are live, and they are one of those bands that lose very little live. the raindrops keep falling is very nice. video killed, not bad. ben folds sings real purty.

bloodhound gang. four different songs.
i'm already getting a bit sick of them.

bobby mcferrin. kiss me. thinkin' about your body. some bach piece (with yo-yo ma).
people say, "the don't worry be happy guy?". but he never had aspirations to be a pop star. he's a jazz singer. and a classical conductor. don't worry was a lark, not a failed artist's only hurrah. his stuff with yo-yo ma is gorgeous. i saw him conduct the LA Phil. he's no great conductor, but it was lots of fun.

chet baker. almost blue.
a cover of a song elvis costello wrote for chet, done near the end of his life. rent the documentary, let's get lost, to see the story behind this. it's heartbreaking.

common. 8 minutes til sunrise. the 6th sense.
considering the sad state of rap today (witness jay-z, puffy, etc.), i am on a constant lookout for good rap. common is good. he used to be better and more under, but he's still good.

snoop dogg. nuthin but a g thang. gin & juice. what's my name?
some of the best shit ever. i grew up with/on rap, and snoop and dre flow together like nothing. classics. they make me very happy.

elliot smith. alameda.
eh. alright. he's kinda wimpy.

elvis costello. (all live stuff.) all this useless beauty. i'll never fall in love again. i don't want to go to chelsea. i forgot more than you'll ever know (w/ tom waits).
love elvis. i'll eat up anything he does, pretty much. haven't even listened to these yet.

eminem. the real slim shady.
see bloodhound gang.

fiona apple. across the universe.
after suffering through the hokey, preachy, and lame "pleasantville", i was jarred awake by this beautiful version of one of the beatles most beautiful songs during the closing credits. beatles covers that do nothing with the song (like the cover at the end of "american beauty"), drive me bat shit. this is just lovely.

foo fighters. for all the cows. have a cigar.
for all the cows is acoustic. dave grohl can do little wrong. good cover of floyd's have a cigar. don't know where it's from.

green day. eye of the tiger.
bad recording, but i heard them do it live once, and laughed my ass off.

israel kamakawiwo'ole. somewhere over the rainbow/what a wonderful world.
i've talked about this before. this is the song featured in those etoys ads. dead 800-pound hawaiian singer with the voice of an angel. gorgeous, this.

latyrx. a bunch of tracks.
this is my old childhood friend's bay area rap group. they are incredible. a big part of the underground scene there, descending from people like digital underground. not boast rap or gun rap. good rap. they both have amazing vocal qualities. i would eat this shit up even if i didn't know the dude. listen to the song, balcony beach. i'm telling you...

limp bizkit. break stuff.
angry. fun.

morrisey. let me.
i love his voice. i love this song.

no doubt. ex-girlfriend.

ozomatli. cut chemist suite.
more good rap. charlie tuna's voice is one of the best in rap.

piper downs. that way.
local band. i know the lead singer. this is a very catchy tune indeed.

sleatter-kinney. all hands on the bad one. ballad of a ladyman.
growing on me, like mold.

tmbg. welcome to the jungle.
not sure what this song is yet. i love tmbg, though, like a big fat dork.

tom waits. who are you?
tom waits. i can take him or leave him. but this is a very lovely song.

weezer. autumn(live). el scorcho(live). the good life(live). suzanne. velouria. you gave your love to me softly.
what can i say about weezer? i don't know. love them like diet coke and beer and dogs.

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