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none today

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microsoft billionaire & trailblazers owner,
paul allen.

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cgroppe, i guess

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hot, lying down

So I wrote a very long entry on Friday and emailed it from work as per usual, and I still have not received it. I think my servers at work are just jacked. I really shouldn't be surprised.

So it's Sunday afternoon and I'm lying on my couch. It's very hot and the fans are going and I'm drinking a diet coke and I've not yet taken a shower and I'm listening to Weezer and watching a ballgame - Arizona vs. Colorado - a game I don't very much care about the outcome of, except for how it affects the Giants.

As usual with me, the preceding brings up a bunch of things I want to mention.

Firstly, only just last night, as I was watching Being John Malkovich for the second time (the second time ever, not the second time that night, silly), did I discover this whole putting the laptop on your lap and typing while you lie down thing. I was getting bored with the movie and just started writing someone a letter I'll never send, and I was impressed with how comfortable it is. Lying down, comfortable? Go figure. I'm turning into gadget-boy, I know. I like this laptop. I didn't really think I needed one but it only cost me 400 dollars and it's coming in handy. For example, I did my first Road Rules recap for MightyBigTv (go read it, you) on it. I also have used it on the road and will need it when I go up to the Bay Area next week. In addition to other reasons for going, I'm going to my high school reunion… but that's a whole separate discussion. But with the laptop, I can stay online up North, and hopefully update, but at least email… plus, keep on track with my porn quota for the month!

Secondly, I hate the fucking heat. I just have to say that. I don't understand why anyone would want to live in places like Arizona or Florida. I wish I had A/C in my apartment. Or in my car. I'm going to melt and then you'll all be sorry.

Thirdly, the fact that I've not yet taken a shower is extra gross right now because I spent the first four of my waking hours today at rehearsal, sweating. Maybe I'll go take a bath.

Fourthly, much of my missing entry (which you'll get tomorrow I imagine) has to do with the secret Weezer show I caught on Thursday night. I won't say it was one of the highlights of my life, but of this year - that I can safely say.

Fifthly, the Giants are doing pretty well in their new stadium. I think they're 4 games back, and like 3 games over .500. My mom went to a game at their new stadium the other night. She said it rocked (well, she didn't say "rocked"). I'm most likely going next week to the ballpark. If not then, I have tickets for a random game in August. I'll have to fly up. And the A's are fucking kicking ass. About a year ago I mentioned what an exciting young team they have. I told you. (Ooh look, ESPN says the A's and Giants both won today. Cool.)

I really didn't do much interesting this weekend. I stayed in on Friday night and went to a bust of a party last night. Rehearsed and wrote the rest of the time. And watched movies. You envy my dope life, I know.

Holy shit I'm hot. I think I'm going to have a smoke and take a bath before I hook up with my friends. I think we're going bowling.

Can you handle all this excitement, yo?

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