left column never eat 8 packs of now&laters at one time ever again...

poor left column.

boogie down larry
(guest entry: larry)

i can kinda understand, you know

i mean being at the top, i mean the star of the show

brushes with fame, continuous game

you get hustlers with plans, staking their claims, and shit

but you shine and you pay it no mind

you stay underground with the things you do

you got the illest little switch and you been taking no

cuz nobody fuck with you

admiration to the utmost

all my dogs raise your cup to the girl toast

i don't wanna bring shame to you really

i wanna put flames to you sincerely

make your box spring jump like a lo-rider

best place that i can be is inside you...

Speaking of which. What up dogs? Larry in the motherfucking house, bitch. Hustlers be coming around the C N to the motherfucking N studios and being like "yo L, wassup with your wack-ass ratings this year and shit?" What, trick!? Fuck that noise. Fools don't wanna watch my shit, they don't gots to. Shit got too much flow and too much heart and truth, then motherfuckers just can't handle it. It ain't all that complicated. Fools wanna punk me for being all getting paid and shit for my Baby Gold Bond Medi-Motherfucking-Cated Powder - fuck that! Larry be gettin' paid, yo! Word. I needs me the cheddar baby. Needs me the green for the bagels and the dope mandel bread down at Balducci's and shit. How's Larry supposed to buy the motherfucking Matzo without getting PAID? You know what I'm saying? Why don't motherfuckers just get off my back and let me do my off-the-hook show and bust my super-smooth rhymes on Stee's punk-ass site and leave this motherfucking angry jew alone. Shit. All up on my bidness. Fuck y'all. Peace.

The Larry King Happy Song Corner

  This box is not strong enough to contain Larry's creative vision and ultra-macho charisma. Larry is all about the streets, yo. Larry been playing the bullshit game for too long, pimpin' his soul to the man. Fuck that. Larry's out of this motherfucker right here with a quickness, bitch. Stee can't keep the strength and heart and soul down for long. Best show some respect! Fuck that shit. Word.

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