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"i know!"

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first daughter
amy carter

first correct answer:

geoff kaman

see ya

I’m off! I’m off! "For where?" you say

I’m leaving Cal-i-for-ni-a

"Are you going for good? Yes yes, please leave."

No fucker, it’s just a brief reprieve

I’m flying tomorrow to Chicago

O’Hare is where my plane shall go

Then onto a bus, what fun! What fun!

And up to Madison, Wis-con-sun

My sister lives there, she’s a cool duck

She’ll pick me up in her monster truck

We’ll go to a bar with all her friends

See bands, drink beer, I’ll have to spends

Then days I’ll walk and read ‘til no light

I’ll edit my script, I’ll study Twelfth Night

When sis comes home from counseling wackos

We’ll go out again, we’ll see some more shows

I’ll fend off her friend, who thinks I’m cute

I think she’s is too, but the question is moot

And after three days, I’ll rent a Honda

And drive to the city that Prince is so fond-a

From Minneapolis, I’ll pick up my true sin

We’ll drive farther north, to a little cabin

Right on the lake, is where we’ll be

I’ll swim though the water’s like 50 degree

We’ll talk, we’ll read, we’ll wink wink wink

(something dirty that ends with pink)

For three days we’ll stay and live in bliss

Then her to the airport, me back to sis

Return the car and enjoy the close

Of my deserved rest, I’ll relax my toes

My head, my heart, my legs, back to health

Then back to LA, September twelfth

But meanwhile, I am getting a cold

I hate, I hate, it’s getting old

I haven’t been sick, in like a year

Then BAM! at a time I most fear

For tonight I drive to West L.A.

To meet with VP’s about my screenplay

I hope I do well, am gracious and funny

But mostly I hope that they give me some money

So see you, I’m off! Yes, goodbye town

I’ll post if I can, if not, don’t frown

I’ll miss you all. Yes, even you guy

Have fun. Drink lots. Make love. Bye bye.

The Larry King Happy Song Corner

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Hey folks. Be sure to watch Larry King Live while stee's away. My guests this week will be some obscure cabinet member, some obscure writer, and Puff Daddy.

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