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Sorry about the longer than usual weekend, folks. From Thursday night to yesterday late afternoon I was on set working on this indie film. It's the one I talked about previously that Frank is making while waiting to get the other 2/3rds of the budget for the movie we already shot part of. Anyway, this is a no budget little thing and I play a gay prostitute. This weekend I had to lie in bed with and briefly kiss one of my male friends. I also then had to get naked and fake hump a 50 year-old woman for ten minutes. I have no real idea why I agreed to do this. I think when M. dropped out because of scheduling, I figured it was a sign. I also feel like I should take any acting that's dropping in my lap as I'm really not pursuing it very whole-heartedly at the moment career-wise, paying more attention to writing, and any "tape" I can get on myself is good. But as I was moving on top of this woman, I wondered if I'd made a mistake. Maybe. At any rate, the bulk of my stuff is done, and indeed I spent almost all weekend there, getting pages of dialogue literally at the end of the shooting day (midnight maybe) to be memorized by the time I showed up at 9am. So my weekend was not at all relaxing. It was a big ball of work. But for the most part I was sufficiently happy with what I did. I didn't have nearly enough time to do the kind of work I like to do on stuff, but I felt pretty good with most of the scenes, even if in general, it was the most uncomfortable I've ever been on a project. Ever. I never thought playing gay would be a big deal for me -- but when it involved getting into bed with a dude I drink beer and play poker with, I found out that I was waaaaay overestimating my level of acting professionalism. And getting naked with that woman. Just awful. Awful. I wanted to run and hide the whole weekend.

Oh, so Saturday night I opted to lie on my new couch learning lines and drinking beer all night after getting off set. I ordered chinese food and really barely moved. And just when I settled to learn lines, a show came on MTV called Fear. Fear is basically The Blair Witch Project mixed with The Real World or Road Rules. This was the first in the sporadic series and it involved six kids spending a few nights totally alone in an old prison in Virginia, long rumored to be haunted. The kids were all given a camera to hold and a camera mounted on a vest and pointed towards their faces. (Those cameras, what they use in Pi, among other things, give a really creepy effect as the background moves but the subject is totally stationary.) They then had to do things like spend 15 minutes alone in the electric chair room or the infirmary. Two of the girls quickly flipped out and left in the morning. The prison was outfitted with infrared cameras so you could see them, what's ahead of them, and their close-up faces. The kids were not annoying, as they can be in these shows, as we all know. There was only a bit of cheesiness. Basically, it was incredibly effective and fucking scary. The notion of sitting in "The Hole" alone for 15 minutes, turning off all lights, and listening to an electric "ghost-detecting" meter beeping faster and faster gives me shivers. Indeed, the Barenaked Ladies singer-looking guy who had to do that particular mission was crying as he couldn't bring himself to do it. He finally did, singing the whole time to keep himself from freaking out. I can't form thoughts too well on this, I'm sorry. It was just very well done. I hate these Reality shows for what they represent to the industry, but Fear is good, man. And don't worry: it's MTV, so they'll be replaying it constantly.

I saw Almost Famous last night. Long story short, I was disappointed. I certainly think it's a very good movie, it just didn't live up to the hype I'd heard about it. Mostly for me, it comes down to plot problems. I just don't think the highs were high enough, or the lows low enough. It was also very choppy. The cast was quite good, with the exception of Kate Hudson. She was fine and luminescent blah blah blah, but I wish Sarah Polley had not had to drop out. For me the highlight of the movie was Francis McDormand; every moment she's on screen is brilliant. She rules.

I rented Oscar and Lucinda. I want to lick Cate Blanchett's face.

Oooh, I'm a bad bad person. Oh, I'm so bad. Remember the other day when I was getting my new couch delivered and I promised my old couch that some nice family would surely soon pick it up and give it a nice home? It's still out on my curb. And it rained this weekend. Every time I pass it I feel so guilty. It's just sitting there, wet, its cushions out of place, garbage having been thrown on it. It's so mad at me. It just looks mad. And sad. And this morning I was awakened by what sounded like a garbage truck, which is weird because it's not garbage day. I heard crunching and motors revving and I looked out, and a big garbage-style truck was eating a couch -- a different couch left across the street -- crunching it into halfs and dragging it into the belly of the machine. I watched in horror. My couch, just outside my window, watched in horror. It was facing the other couch. They'd had conversations over the weekend, and now my couch was watching this other couch literally be broken in half and then compacted into a tiny mass. Luckily, the truck kept going and didn't go for the other side of the street, but tomorrow it may not be so lucky. I promised it a nice family with a fireplace and naked women. I lied so bad. I'm awful. And the worst part: while the couch sat getting rained on Saturday night, I was literally fifteen feet away sprawled on my new couch. I felt like such a cheater. The worst kind. I'm a bad bad man.

Ooh, I got my homies. I arranged them all into little urban street scenes on top of my Compaq. They rule.

Nic Cage just earned major points in my book by donating $200,000 to the SAG fund to help struggling actors during the strike. Leno recently gave $10,000, which Spacey then bettered by giving $100,000. Hopefully this is going to turn into an A-List pissing contest with the SAG Fund as the winner. I now officially forgive him for Gone in 60 Seconds.

So I just found out that my comedy script, which recently advanced to the semifinals at Austin, is a finalist for Slamdance this year. The press release goes out today, meaning, I should have my name in the trades for the very first time tomorrow, Tuesday. That makes me moronically happy. Now, in addition to deciding if I want to go to Austin, I have to decide if I want to go to Utah in January.

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