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who dat?)

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u.s. olympic gymnast
tasha schwikert-warren

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kate drenckhahn

ricky's girl

MALIBU, Calif. (Reuters) - Australian-born pop star Rick Springfield was arrested on charges of physically abusing his wife after police were called to their Malibu home and found her with injuries to her face and arm, a police spokesman says.

Springfield, 51, was taken into custody Monday night after officers responding to an emergency call found his wife, Barbara Springthorpe, with minor injuries.

The former Richard Springthorpe, best known for his early 1980s hit single "Jessie's Girl," was released Tuesday morning after posting $50,000 bail, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department spokesman William Hines said.

Ricky is my man
Yeah you know, he's been a good man to me
He does his rock music, film, stage, tv
Ricky's got a good career, but he's gone and bitchslapped me

And he's hitting me with those hands
And he's kicking me with those feet, I just know it
And he's throwing me to the ground, late late at night

Sometimes I wish I wasn't Ricky's girl
I wish I wasn't Ricky's girl
How can he hit a woman like that?

He acted on that Marshal Law
And he did two weeks on the Broadway stage
You know he got a face lift so he'd still appear cute
I wanna tell him it looks awful but he'd just give me the boot

And he'd be buttin' me with that head
And he'd be punching me in my back, I just know it
And he'd beat me with a TV Guide, late late at night

Y'know I wish I wasn't Ricky's girl
I wish he'd find another girl
Why would he smack a woman like that?

And he's lookin' in the mirror all the time
Wond'rin' why he ain't on MTV
And for Hide Tide I helped him learn his lines
This ain't the way love's supposed to be

Tell me, does he deserve a woman like that?

Y'know I wish I wasn't Ricky's girl
Why did I become Ricky's girl?
I should be honest and tell him he's fat

I'm Ricky's girl
Call the cops, cuz I'm Ricky's girl
Dial 9-1-1, I'm Ricky's girl...

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it'll be alright

The Anna Nicole Smith Happy Song Corner

If you ever get close to a human. And human behaviour. You better be ready to get confused. There's definitely, definitely, definitely no logic To human behaviour. But yet so, yet so irresistible And there's no map. They're terribly moody. And human behaviour. Then all of a sudden turn happy. But, oh, to get involved in the exchange, of human emotions is ever so, ever so satisfying. Oh oh, and there's no map. Human behaviour, human. Human, human behaviour, human. Human, human behaviour, human. Human behaviour, human. And there's no map. And a compass wouldn't help at all. Human behaviour, human, human... speaking of which. It's alright to be human, y'all. It is. It is. One night I was out on a date with this guy, you know, that guy from that show with the talking cat and the witch and all. Anyway, we were eatin' at the Red Lobster, and I just love me some crab legs, but sometimes it gives me gas. It does. It does. So he was talking about his co-star who's always on that Hollywood Square show with Whoopi and all, and he's talking and suddenly... well, I farted. I know. I know, y'all. And I'm a nice Texas girl, we don't do that. So he got all quiet and I said, "Oops, the supermodel is human!" And I laughed. But you know what he did? He left, y'all! He got up and left. Didn't even pay the bill. I tried to call him but I kept getting his machine. Since when is it a crime to be a human being, y'all? Well, it was some damn good crab legs, anyway.
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