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kate drenckhahn


This is going to be incredibly random, but I've been working for 8 hours non-stop and am near-death tired. I worked all last night and have a full night of work tonight as well. God, yesterday was so fucking annoying. I arrived home to find my living room plagued by what look like little ants with wings. They might be termites. I don't know. Olive is fucking worthless. She has no desire to kill them. No. It's much more fun for her to lie down and watch them run around her. Why would she want to kill them? And it was 100 degrees in my pad. Not kidding - it was that hot outside and my place traps heat like a tennis shoe. But I couldn't leave to get away from either of those elements because I had a Road Rules recap (go read it) to do, so I sat working, sweating, with the vacuum cleaner to every few minutes suck up the bugs. Disgusting and awful. I wanted to cry. And then I had a meeting with the director of this film I unwisely agreed to do. We had dinner and he asked how I felt about showing my butt on camera. "Oh. Um. I don't know. I guess." So, I finished the recap at like one am and just about died. And today I've been working like a madman, organizing a bachelor party for a good friend and doing more work than ever because one of my little group quit last night in anger (not at us, at the higher-ups). He was tons of fun too. Suck. I don't talk about work too much because I don't want to be fired, but this dude was totally in the right. 100%. Blah blah blah. Then a girl I know called me from out of town. She disappeared about 2 weeks ago and I was wondering why she hadn't been returning my email and stuff. Turns out her best friend died and she had to go back to Boston. She called me still in tears after 2 weeks and we talked for a while. Poor girl. All that was important to her now seems stupid and she doesn't know if she even wants to come back here. She's just been hanging out with the kid's family and trying to be strong for everyone. I understand all those feelings so well. When my dad died I felt a lot of that. I did a lot of re-evaluating. I hope she's going to be OK.

Bad segue, but I fell in love today. A friend gave me some doubles of these little figurines called Homies. Now, I don't collect dolls or figures or play with toys much or anything, but these are the coolest fucking things I've ever seen. I immediately ordered Barrio sets 1 and 2. I keep playing with the 3 I was given and re-enacting scenes from Colors and Stand and Deliver and shit. The few people I've sent the URL to today have flipped also. There is a store here in LA that apparently carries them. I'm going this weekend.

I have not been returning much email the last few days. I'm sorry. I've just been too busy. I will soon.

I've not decided about Austin yet. I think I'm going to go ahead and buy a cheap ticket through Priceline to see my sister, and then if I move to the finals in Austin, try to swing through there for a few days. But with my only real friend not going to be there, and a show opening that next weekend, it's really bad timing. Really bad. But a good thing, still. Funny how that works. (By the way, someone told me that in addition to Ben Folds of Ben Folds Five in those priceline Shatner ads, Lisa Loeb is there. I'm only hearing negatives. No no no no!)

Tool are doing two more albums at the moment. They didn't break up. I told you Perfect Circle was a side project. Don't scare me like that...

This space is now part of a cool little collection of websites called Damn Hell Ass Kings (it's from a Simpsons episode, I understand.) Rock.

Oh, so I don't know if I mentioned this, but I bought a real adult couch, picking out the fabric and all that shit a couple weeks ago. I even upgraded to a more comfy material and added extra pillows. Finally getting rid of my thrift store couch that recently actually injured someone with a poorly targeted spring poke. My first real piece of adult furniture. It was to arrive yesterday and I was all psyched... and then they called me to say it had been damaged in shipping and they'd have to redo the whole thing. I lied and said I got rid of my other couch (I hadn't yet) and had a friend coming to stay on it (I don't) and pleaded with the lady. Basically, I know it's a scam - they just didn't finish my piece and/or have too much to deliver after their huge Labor Day sale. Long story short, I should have it by Friday. Barring more "damage", that is.

The Giants have the best record in the National League and the A's are breathing down the Mariners' necks, and are just behind Cleveland for the Wild Card. This is a very good thing.

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Get up and free yourself from yourself. Locked up inside you, like the calm beneath castles, is a cavern of treasures that no one has been to. Let's go digging. Bring it out to take you back in. You won't do what you'd like to do. Lay back and let me show you another way. I'll kill what you want me to, take what's left and eat it. Take all or nothing. Life's just too short to push it away. Take it all. Take it all in. All the way in. Let it go. Let it go in. You won't feel what you'd like to feel. Lay back and let me show you another way. If you knock me down I'll come back running, knock you down, it won't be long now. All the way in. All the way. Take it up higher. 4 degrees warmer. Give in now and let me in. You'll like this in. Don't pull it out. It brings us closer than dying and cancer and crying. Come on. You can take it all. Just like that..... speaking of which. You know, y'all. I say affirmations in the mirror every morning now. I do. I do. Well, most mornings, when I remember. I say, "You are pretty. You are thin and pretty. You will put your make-up on straight today. Your son is not gay, and even if the lil' fucker is, it ain't your fault. It ain't. It ain't. You will remember your lines for the guest spot on Pacific Blue today. You will. Or you'll have cue cards and you'll read them right. You can reach out and take life. You can take it all. Just not all of the craft services table. Don't take all of that. Put down the pie. Put down the pie. You don't need the pie. The pie might need you, but you don't need the pie. Well, maybe just a little bite. Mmmmm. That's some good pie. Just one more slice. Just one... OK, you're not a bad person for eating that whole pie. You're not. You're not. Now put your pants back on." And it really works! It does, y'all. It does. Damn.
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