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good monday

So much to talk about, so little time. I only got 5 hours sleep so I have to get home and take a napster before heading over to my ex-bosses house to record music for the comedy group's second show. It's a song montage and I have to play bits of 8 songs on the piano. Problem: I suck. I've been playing faithfully since I started again last weekend, but I'm still crazy rusty and therefore tonight I'm going to have to lay down everything separately - bass notes, right hand accompaniment, and melody. I'm that fucking lame. But the boss composed music for my short and he rocks, so together we should be able to make it work.

Speaking of the show, we opened this past Saturday night. Tech on Friday, which I had to run, went until 3AM. That's how brutal the theatre life can be. And then on Saturday, I almost got in a fist fight with our landlord. He is this bloated ex-frat boy and is just about the most fucking retarded theatre man in the world. Basically we arrived to do dress in the afternoon and he claimed to have never told us we could have the theatre. I freaked on him and told him that I fucking confirmed it with his partner the weekend before. He said that was bullshit. I told him that he has never been able to keep a schedule straight and so why in the world can he not believe he fucked up this time. Then he got all freaky and started getting in my face. I just stood there, half-pissed and half-confused. This is theatre, not junior high. Finally he said, "I'll go call my partner then!" and he did. He came out ten minutes later saying, "You can have the theatre," and left. Later he came up to me and apologized and said that his partner did indeed give us the theatre but had "fucked up." Doing low rent theatre continues to be one of the most miserable things in terms of logistics. I'm almost fist-fighting to get into a shitty little theatre in the middle of my weekend, while crack-whores and thugs pass by on the street; meanwhile, Matt Damon is eating a Brie and Chicken sandwich at Spago.

Anyway, the show went brilliantly. We were sold out and had to turn people away, and it was just about the best show we've done in our 4 year history. As I've said, we've done three times the work and it really shows. I'm quite proud of it and of the way everyone has worked so hard and come through. We're only doing these shows twice! And putting up 2 new ones in the next few weeks. We're fucking insane. I had a lot of great friends who came to see the show, which was very nice. There is nothing like having an audience pretty much in the palm of your collective hand for 60 minutes. It's a giddy feeling. But I wasn't feeling so giddy when I had to yet again be at rehearsal the next morning. As I said, we are insane.

So I'm having a sudden scheduling nightmare, arising from a great thing: I got a call today that my comedy script has so far advanced to the semi-finals in the Austin Film Festival. The head of the thing who called me had just read it himself for fun, and was really high on it, and told me that right now it stands in the final 30 of 3400 scripts submitted. Next it goes to Production Companies in LA for reads, from which they then pick a few finalists and then the winners. Regardless if it goes past this final 30 (actually, only 9 others are in the Comedy category with mine), I can now go to the very expensive festival for almost nothing. I feel as though I should in a business (schmoozing) sense, and also to take advantage of what are supposedly great seminars. I have to make a decision now, but a trip to see my sister, rehearsals, and the fact that the only person I really know in Austin will be in fucking Los Angeles at the time makes the decision hard. That, and I also have no idea yet if it's going further, and have to make a decision before I know. If it was in the final 2 or 3 scripts, then I would for sure go, but I won't know that until a few weeks from now, and I'll need to buy a ticket either to see my sister or to Austin before then. Well, it's a nice problem to have. Especially since I got rejected by the Nicholl this year, after getting to the semis last year.

Oh, and my furniture people called me to tell me my new couch, which was to be delivered Tuesday, was damaged and they had to return it to the manufacturer. Suck.

I saw Nurse Betty last night. It was cute. Morgan Freeman is terrific and Renee Zelleweggerergeger does that kind of role very well. I thought Chris Rock sucked. The long-missing Crispin Glover was not used correctly, and Greg Kinnear was adequate. I was pissed when I got home, however, and discovered that I'd missed the fucking Emmys. I'm a very bad person.

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Seconds of Pleasure. You say you don't desire me, she's only a hired hand, now you are tired of me. Expensive care is meaningless, feeling nothing and caring less. Cut off at the pass, she knows where you were headed, she wants double-time or a temporary wedding. And the lucky girl leads a life of leisure, though she? With forty-five years for seconds of pleasure. I thought I knew you too well, now I find the man is a mystery, and the promises you made are really only ancient history. Everyday goes by without a hitch, you say the urge becomes an itch. You say that I'm no go for you, that's rich, or am I being bitchy? And the lucky girl leads a life of leisure, though she forty-five years for seconds of pleasure... speaking of which. Hey y'all. You know what's ancient and history? My husband!
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