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Hello people. I love talking to the people. Hi people! Ahhh…

I have no time to write today because I’m a busy little gopher and have rehearsal soon and had another costume fitting down at the Mark Taper Forum and am actually doing work(?!) here at work today and am listening to G. Love over and over because I’m too lazy to change the CD and I think I’m going to have a doughnut and lest you think I’m going to get all fat and shit, let it be known here that I’m still (almost daily) getting up early and working out despite my extreme tiredness so there.

But briefly…

…I realize that yesterday when I specifically asked for advice on how much should one "take" from someone else before it is no longer healthy for one… well, the way I mentioned that it also pertains to relationships was confusing and lead people to believe I was talking about M. and I. I was not. I was talking about the problem with "Toby", my fellow actor in Twelfth Night. But thanks for the advice. Luckily M. is cool, and I think I’ve realized how to deal with Toby partially with your help…

…I want the new Foo Fighters album. And the new Rage Against the Machine album. I shouldn’t really say ‘album’ should I? I don’t like saying CD though. Album. Much better…

…I read that this week’s kiss between Ally McBeal and Ling won the show its highest ratings ever. We here at Plaintive Wail are proud to announce that tomorrow’s entry will feature a "passionate lesbian kiss". Tune in…

…Ooh Ooh! Guess what’s coming back to TV soon? Who Wants To Be A Motherfucking Millionare!!! Yeah baby! I hate myself forever for liking that show, but holy shit. The excitement. The tension. The Regis. I’m very pleased…

...Join in the Andy Dick Memorial Bust Pool, won't you? Check the left column...

…Funny funny thing. So today I finish and fax my coverage for the Worst Script In The World that I’ve been talking about lately. Well, the writer is repped by a manager and an agent – the manager had already turned me down, which I why I was so unbelievably… not bitter, but confused. Well… I get a call today from a woman who wants to read my script. Where’s she from: the agency that reps this shit writer. I just laughed and laughed. And I know they will read my bio with the script and see that I’m a reader at Blank Company. "Hmmm… Worst Script In The World just got destroyed by a reader there. OK, well this script goes in the trash." Ah, who cares. I must call ass, ass…

…And since I am ass today, check out these other fine journals that have of late and/or for-the-first-time tickled me:

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(funny quote: "Who is Mavis Beacon and why does she only teach typing?")

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The Larry King Happy Song Corner

king larry.gif (10010 bytes)

I remember Richard Nixon back in '74, and the final scene at the White House door. And the staff lined up to say good-bye. Tiny tear in his shifty little eye. Larry said, nobody knows me. Nobody understands. These little people were good to Larry. Oh I'm gonna shake some hands: somebody line 'em up, line 'em all up. Line 'em up, line 'em all up. Line 'em up, line 'em all up. Line 'em up, line 'em all up. At that time my heart was all broke. Larry looked like ashes and smelled like smoke. And I turned away from my loving kind. Try to leave my body and live in my mind, but it's much too much emotion. To hold it in your hand. They've got waves out on the ocean. They're gonna wear away the land… speaking of which. I remember Richard Nixon back in ’84 – drinking hot toddies out on my 50 foot schooner in the Chesapeake Bay with Charlie Rose, Sam Waterston, and Phil Donahue! We were quite a foursome. Old Dick should could hold his liquor, unlike Charlie. That’s why Charlie hides behind that austere ol’ oak table on his show – he’s not wearing any pants! Ha! (I’m just kidding ya Chuckie.)

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