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(Entry from Friday. Some still relevant. Some not. You decide.)

I gots 1000 things running in my head, 40000 things to do, and no time or ability to concentrate.

Here’s a partial sampling of the things on my mind. Let me put them down before I go nuts.

First of all: this is very funny. (Well, maybe not to all you freaky cat people.)

The former big time agent from two nights ago has been calling me. Either she really wants me to sign this deal with her, or she wants to sleep with me. I’m leaning towards no on both. Ironically, last night M. was behind her host stand at the 4Star swank eatery at which she works and a 40ish blonde kept staring at her. Finally she said to M., "I think I just saw you in a short film an acquaintance of mine directed." I had given this woman the short the night before and I guess she watched it. Luckily M. knew exactly who this woman was and what I felt about her offer. The woman didn’t know M. was my lady. The upper-hand is a good hand to have.

The show last night was odd, but ultimately good. No 80+ people. No standing ovation. It was more like 35 old Jewish people. (I’m not kidding, a Jewish center bought a chunk of tickets. And in case you didn’t know this: old people talk in the theatre as if they were home playing canasta. And they usually bring hard candy and have serious trouble opening it.) It was weird to be back after 5 days off, but the show came off well. Tonight should be a good house and Saturday even better.

So I think I’m going to become a web dork: Plaintive Wail will have its own domain. (This moves comes not from my thinking having a domain will somehow make me cool and legitimate, but rather because earthlink hates the amount of traffic I get. This way I will have all the space I need to handle my occasional stunning use of multimedia in my entries… OK, fine… my occasional use of photos stolen from other sites.) The lovely folks at Spies have agreed to host it and I’m a bit scared not only because Spies seems to be down a lot lately (hee hee - just kidding guys, I’m not really scared about that), but because I have no idea now that I own P.W., exactly how to get it over there. And I think I made a mistake with who registered the name for me and I have to now pay them 25 buck for domain parking in addition to the gov’t fee I pay and I don’t think I needed to do that but I’m stupid and did and now I’m maybe fucked. Help. Diane, mumbling "Oh god is this dude stupid" all the way I’m sure, is gracefully helping me with this process. Thank you. (I promise to never call you ma’am.) And of course thanks to Ceej for letting me move in. And so if any of you had evil plans to register P.W. and charge me one million dollars for it: too late! (B/T/W: I just saw that is still available. Wouldn’t that be a good domain to have??? Someone go get it.)

Yesterday I mistakenly referred to a duvet as a couch-like object. It is actually a bedspread. Madbrunette helpfully pointed this out. I am dumb… but then again, doesn’t my ignorance of that fact make me all the more manly? Doesn’t it? Hello?

The moon discussion continues. Check this out (from reader Cynical Eve):

"Ganymede was male. In fact, he was a young shepherd that Jupiter raped, so kind of related to the whole tevin campbell thing."

Wow, she links our moon discussion to T.E.V.I.N. Now, just link Io to the scary child robot from Small Wonder, and we’ll have something.

This morning I turned on the computer to discover I was getting married to Beth. Very cool, but I didn’t have time to have a bachelor party. I guess I should hit a strip club tonight after the show then. Good excuse.

OK, I’m listening to the Beastie Boys and they’re rocking my shit. Have a good weekend.


The shows this weekend were good. Saturday was again sold out, but it took the crowd a while to warm up. But warm up they did. (Sometimes the big houses are the most quiet. I’m not sure where that comes from in terms of group dynamics, but I’m sure somewhere.) Well, after the show a woman came up to me, introduced herself, and complimented my performance. It was Lindsay Crouse. I had just seen her in The Insider. Needless to say, she is now one of my favorites.

On Saturday day Frank and I drove around and delivered copies of the short to the cast. No one does the "drop by" anymore, and as I’m usually busy and rarely see these people on weekend days, it gave me a good snapshot of what my friends do on a typical Saturday afternoon. Todd was watching some James Bond movies alone on his couch, Skelton was cleaning (read: watching porn), Shannon was about to run an errand, Winston and his girlfriend were playing Playstation, AK and his brother were arguing.

M. and I decided to get cultured this weekend so we went to MOCA (the museum of contemporary art) in downtown LA to see a show by Barbara Kruger. This was one of the most powerful and memorable contemporary art exhibits I’ve ever seen.

The Larry King Happy Song Corner

king larry.gif (10010 bytes)

It’s times like this when I just can’t stop. Can’t wind your body without your body without the body rock. Got schemes schematics blue prints on file. You gotta have dreams to make it all worthwhile. So as I take my time and realign I wonder what it is I hope to find. I don’t mean to brag, I don’t mean to boast. But I’m intercontinental when I eat french toast… speaking of which. Is there anything like flapjacks with warm creamery butter in the morning? Really, is there?

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