who dat? contest.

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who dat?)

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canadian actor bruce greenwood
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jim kost


I know two people. Two of the good people. Two people you want to know. Two people you want to be in a room with. Two people you want to call friends. Two people with smiles that keep you from looking elsewhere. Two people who fell in love and married each other this weekend.

And I was there at the beginning. The very beginning. It was a cast party and I sat at a bar with my then girlfriend, across from this friend, after our closing night. Talking. And there were two girls from the theatre company who both decided they were going to take my friend home that night. One was sure of it. She even told the other: I'm taking him home tonight. She didn't.

Her mistake: she had unwittingly stepped in the middle of something fated to be, and she was no match. And my girlfriend and I sat across the table and watched them talk the rest of the night. And they looked right together. Just exactly right. And I didn't know her enough to know what I now know: that they not only looked right together. They were right together. They were for each other.

And this past Friday night, the night before the big day, members of the wedding party and family and out of town guests gathered and drank and celebrated. We watched a video the bride's mother had put together of interviews with friends and family movies of the two from when they were young and interviews with the two themselves. And it was sweet and funny and everyone laughed, but I sat and watched not the movie, but him and her, my two friends, she in a chair and he on the floor in front of her, and I watched their hands pressed together. And I smiled.

And the next day I sat in my tux in the front row and watched them read poems they'd written for each other and watched them try unsuccessfully not to cry and listened to the talk of what we all have known as well as we know anything: that they are two sides of a whole, who found each other. And how lucky they are. And how lucky not only to have found each other, but to have had the wisdom to know, back then, four years ago, somehow, that they had found the one, and to have held on.

And I am lucky to know these two. To know this one.

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Can you hear them? The helicopters? I'm in New York. No need for words now. We sit in silence. You look me in the eye directly. You met me. I think it's Wednesday. The evening, the mess we're in. The city sun sets over me. The city sun sets over me. Night and day, I dream of making love to you now baby. Love making on screen. Impossible dream. And I have seen. The sunrise over the river. The freeway, reminding of this mess we're in. The city sun sets over me. The city sun sets over me. What were you wanting? I just want to say: don't ever change. And thank you. I don't think we will meet again. I really must leave now. Before the sunrise. Above skyscrapers. The sin and this mess we're in. The city sun sets over me. The city sun sets over me... speaking of which. I once had a dream, y'all. A wonderful dream where I was a Vietnam helicopter pilot and there were all these little slopes down on the ground and I was supposed to pick up soldiers, you know? But instead, what I did was try to land the helicopter and when the Vietnam people came running over to me, I shot them all dead. I did. I did. And then some snipers were all shootin' at me, and I got shot in the arm and then was bleedin' and I coudn't fly straight, and so I had to jump out. Yeah. I did. And I landed and the helicopter blew up and I got took and then for five years I was in this prison until my teeth had all fell out and I was almost a corpse. But man, it was an exciting dream. I hope I have it again tonight. I love these pills.
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