Well, the WGA strike has been averted and I've yet to figure out what that means for me. We either go back to pitching or write the script like we were going to do over the strike. I'm not totally glad there's no strike, by the way. Mostly, but there was a part of me that liked the drama and thought the outcome might have been better if there was a strike. So, we'll see.

I'm late for a party right now and my teeth hurt because I've been eating too many Skittles. It's what I've been doing instead of smoking for the last week now. I hate not smoking. But I like it too. I'm proud of myself. I'm proud of Pamie, who's doing it with me. (That sounded dirty.)

So I'm going to go drink too much and chew a lot of gum tonight, but in the meantime, here's more from my aged 12 journal:

Jan. 15th '84

I woke up at about 8:30 and almost immediately went to the bakery and to church.

Jeff called me after Gramma and Grandpa came for lunch. We both went to Matt's house and then backyard-hopping. We were at about 5:00 going through the Roberts' yard and Taya (The daughter who, surprise, I liked) saw me. When I got home we went shopping. I got Topsiders and then went over to the Junior department to meet Elizabeth and Ma and I saw some lady. Then guess who was with her mom and sister shopping for her sister, TANYA: I could hardly believe it. I said hi and so did she but she acted shy cause at the time she didn't look that great and she knew it. (Oh Lord)

Then went back, called Derek to sleep over. We went bowling, I did OK.

Right now Derek is watching TV and thinks I'm going to the bathroom. (Writing in secret even then.)

It's 10:27 and I'm not listening to the radio.

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