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So, I'm in the middle of going through a difficult life change (no, I'm not gay or going through menopause) and I'm waiting to see if the writers are going on strike and who wins Survivor (okay, I just found out, not that I watched a single episode this time) and finding out great stuff about Tom and Nicole's marriage and churning out my Chains of Love recaps and figuring out the next few months of visitors and trips and receiving my first unemployment check and starting to cook for the first time in a while since my income has dropped considerably and trying to make a writing deadline that it doesn't look like I'll make and a friend seems to be passive-aggressively mad at me and I have run out of ways to ask why and now Sting almost dies and George Harrison has cancer and Ryan O'Neil has Leukemia and there's a new iBook that I covet and I met my downstairs neighbors and a bunch of people just came out with new albums and I bought Spin magazine for the first time today because they seemed to have written this specific issue for me and my cat keeps puking and I'm eating tons of Skittles and drinking tons of coffee and the weather is gorgeous and my car needs gas and I realize I've really now gotten down to minutiae but I just can't stop and now I have stuff on tape to watch and I have to sleep but I wanted to write an entry and now I am and hi there!

Yeah. I'm wired. Ignore me. Read this -- more from my age 12 journal:

Jan. 13th '84

The day started off with me waking up at 7:22 and having to take my trumpet for band. Tom didn't cap (make fun of me) for which I'm glad (what 12 year old says "for which"?). At 8:30 Anicia and LeBrice asked me, John, Jamela, Tatanisha, Anya, Raoul, Andre, Devin, Jesse, and Nishi to do a test on hearing.

After school Greg and I went down to the Plaza on foot to the Arcade. At Woolworth's I bought a goldfish for $2.29. At about 7:20, Derek and I went bowling and I did terribly. Right now it's 10:40pm.

Tomorrow I'm going to bowling (trophy day) and then fishing at the Berkeley pier with Michael E. Tanya was normal today towards me, really nice.

Right now the radio (KITS) is playing "Curly Shuffle."

Man. I bought a goldfish, played the trumpet, bowled, fished, and listened obsessively to AM radio. I sound like I'm seventy.

The Robert Downey Jr. Happy Song Corner


Downey is continuing talks way past the deadline.
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