This week has just been more of everything. More pitching. More laughing. More writing. More phone calls. There is a strange way in which days flow into each other when you're not working an office job. I'm getting more sleep than ever, but I'm not necessarily getting more done. I know exactly why that is -- because I've been busy having fun. I'm sure I'll settle back in to being my usual workaholic self soon, though.

The other night I was reading when I heard this massive crash in my bedroom and then my cat came tearing out into the living room all freaked out. I went in and a few books were knocked over and some sheet music had fallen off my piano. Nothing too unusual. Well, Olive was acting incredibly strangely all night, just skittish and jumpy and whiny, but I didn't think much of it.

In the morning I was just hanging out when I noticed Olive was staring, very scared but curious, at the corner where she'd knocked over the books. Eventually, I figured she must have seen a big bug or perhaps even a mouse. I hate mice, I hate bugs. I hate crawly things. I realize it makes me wimpy or whatever, but I don't care. The other night when I found a big water beetle in my bathroom, I had to turn the light out and get the vacuum and just suck him up with the big extension wand. I hate bugs. So. I went to the corner and looked. Nothing. I then casually moved a big AC adapter... and jumped eight feet into the air just like Olive obviously had. There, under the adapter, was a giant lizard. Okay, not giant, but he was about the size of a remote control. Just sitting there keeping warm, and probably trying to keep safe from the big cat he'd seen the night before, unaware that my cat is obviously as big a fucking wimp as I am. So, what did I do?

Naturally, I had pamie get rid of it for me.

And she started out all, "Watch as aye tahme the giant crocodile." So she went after it with a towel. Fifteen minutes later, after chasing the thing behind the bed, under my bookcase, and into the closet, she shrieked. "It hissed at me! It stuck it's tongue out and hissed! Look, now you got me all scared with your girlie ways!" Eventually we (read: she) caught it under a Tupperware container and we (she) took it outside and let it go. I bought her pancakes for saving me from the dragon.

And I think that me sharing this story with you demonstrates my lack of concern over appearing wimpy in your eyes. Either that, or she threatened to write about it if I didn't first.

And in case you need stuff to read this weekend, there is the final Chains of Love recap up, and also I wrote an extra on the terrible Mary Tyler Moore MOW. They're both pretty funny, I like to think. There are also new Jame Gumb entries up.

Have you seen this? Poor Anna Nicole Smith, y'all.

And finally, here's more of my age-12 journal:

Jan. 26th 1984

Our class went to the Oakland Museum and got in trouble.

After school I went to piano and then to the school yard to play.

Yesterday hurt my foot jumping down stairs during jogging at school.

It's 9:52.

Feb. 1st 1984

Went to school. Had trumpet lesson. Tanya was nice. Went to acting. Was chosen to do a scene with Taya it was good. As you know I like her, she might like me. She's easy to work with. I think in the future Mrs. Robins might want us to do more together because she thought we made a good acting pair.

It's 10:47. I'm watching "Hotel" and KITS is playing "Karma Chamelion."

The Robert Downey Jr. Happy Song Corner


Downey feels for Anna.
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