my last nerve

Sorry I haven't been writing much. Yeah, I could say that Jame Gumb diary took a lot out of me, but really I've not been writing for a couple reasons. The first being that I'm busy pitching. I went into a studio and a production company yesterday. The studio was our first one -- another production company who wants our project brought us in to try to get the studio to buy it for them -- and it was intimidating but fun. The suits there are slightly harder nuts to crack, because basically their job is to say "No." We go into two more tomorrow, another on Friday, and another on Tuesday. More to follow. It's fun, but hard work. We go from hopeful to depressed to ecstatic to let-down and back again. It's exhausting, the emotional aspect of it, mostly. The other reason I've been staying away is that I'm trying very hard to resist getting into a fight that I'm being bated into. (I'm being talked shit about for a very transparent personal gain -- which for some reason few people can see.) When someone talks shit about me, I fight back. However, sometimes it's not worth it. Sometimes you just know that you know things that shouldn't be said to others, and if you get into it, you'll say these things. You'll be mean. You'll be vicious. And I don't want to do that. So basically I'm letting someone get away with talking shit about me, and I'm just sitting back watching it happen. And this is someone to whom I've been nothing but nice. Someone who I've even defended at times. I hate this so much. Sucks really hard. But I have things to do and friends coming into town which I'm excited about and a lot of work to do and people to kiss so I'm going to try to let it go.

Quick shots: I saw Memento. I enjoyed it but it confused me. Made me feel sorta stupid. I still don't like Guy Pierce, though. Weezer and Tool and REM came out with new albums. Weezer in on SNL this weekend, which makes me very happy. I bought toys today and looked at cool art. Chains of Love is nearly over. I rented a movie tonight because I'm tired. My cat is happy I'm unemployed. The movie I was in is in editing right now, which is exciting. I got a haircut today. I'm still not smoking, but eating tons of Skittles.

...Also please note that my email address has changed. It's

Here's more of my age-12 journal:

Jan. 19th 1984

Woke up late (7:25am) (That's late? Damn. I love my life now so much more.) and went to school. We had a writing test about a non-human creature, I thought I did good.

At home I went to piano came back and had pizza for dinner.

It's 10:34 and radio is playing "Twist of Fate" by Olivia Newton John

The Robert Downey Jr. Happy Song Corner


Downey saw the Weezer in-store at Tower Records. Was promptly arrested again.
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