who dat? contest.

(yo stee. i know
who dat?)

last game:

porn star peter north

this guy is pretty scary, in both persona and talents

first correct answer:

jim kost

Ha! I love putting up porn people because it just once again proves what I've said all along:

My Readers Are Sluts!!! Sluts! All of you!!!

but do you want to know the best part... 90% of those who got this question correct, were women! Hee!

left column going to hold breath until he get finger monkey. Pleeeeeease???

what i like about you

So it's going to sound strange, this, but I was walking to the post office and I suddenly blissed out. The weather is gorgeous and I worked out last night and this morning and got some sleep so I feel good and I was on my way to mail the last of my, like, 10 scripts for the various script competitions that happen at the same time every year and things seemed really alright with the world. And suddenly the entry waiting for me back at my computer here at work just didn't seem right. I was writing about pet peeves:

The sound of the male secretary who sits next to me. His horrible voice.

Limp handshakes.

Friends not returning my phone calls.

People not signaling on the road.

...that sort of thing. But I'm going to go the opposite way. At NYU an acting teacher of mine used to do a "getting to know your scene partner" exercise where you had to tell the other person things you liked about them. Physically. Personality-wise. Etc. And while it always felt a bit strange and hokey, it is nice to hear good things about yourself reflected back. And though for a optimistic cynic like myself, it's often easier to focus on the things I'd like to change about my world, I'm going to do the opposite.

This is my world and this is what I like about it.


1) My hands. I have big, strong hands.

2) My eyes. They are big and blue and can fuck you up. Long lashes.

3) My feet. I have goofy size 14 feet and I can never find shoes that fit. But I love them.

4) My skin. I have very smooth skin. I rarely ever get pimples. I use lotion. My Irish-ass tries to stay out of the sun. I sound like such a girl.

5) My butt. I have a nice ass. What can I say.


1) I'm funny. I will make you laugh. Some people don't get my sense of humor, but generally that's a very good indication that we just wouldn't get along anyway.

2) I'm a good listener. As I've said previously, this can get me into trouble as it becomes established in relationships that they talk, I listen. And I try to avoid this. But I love listening. I do. I care about others and am interested in their world. I will never ever apologize for that.

3) I'm passionate. I don't walk through life. I struggle. I fight. I suffer. I care. I am aware of my world and your world and life flowing around me and I want to feel it. I love. I hurt. I cry. I try not to deny feelings. I live.

4) I'm smart. Whip smart. Too smart for my own good sometimes.

5) I'm generally pretty happy. I know some people might disagree, but it's true. I'm usually a pretty happy guy.


1) Free sodas.

2) It's close to my pad.

3) We have a bit of a view. Not a good one, but we're on the 5th floor.

4) Flexibility. Freedom. It's not very hard.

5) The 5 or 6 people I like... I really very much like.


1) It's still running after 140,000 miles.

2) It treats me well, despite the fact that I don't treat it very well. I think it's doing it as a favor to my mom, who babied it for years.

3) It's a pretty color. Burgundy. I like saying burgundy.

4) Memories. Lots and lots of memories. A trip to Canada with a girl. Many trips between LA and Berkeley. Vegas. Tahoe. I slept in the car. Had tons of sex in the car. Broke up in the car. Got together in the car. Been lost. Passed out. Fought. Read. Laughed. Shopped. Gone to auditions. Gone on dates. Carried my bike. Carried furniture and TV's and new computers and clothes. My puppy used to sit in the front seat and worriedly watch me disappear into the store. My ex-girlfriend wrote our names on the windshield. My father used to drive the car.

5) I lost my virginity in that car. Yup.


1) Acting. I'm a damn fine actor. I don't give myself much credit because to be honest, the past 5 years I've not been studying very seriously or consistently. I'm a bit ashamed of that, but I've been busy. I have power as an actor and sensitivity and a good instrument. I have timing. I have presence. I have fantastic knowledge of acting and the theatre world. I have a good ear - when I played Irish in New York, Irish people came up to me after the show and asked me where in Ireland I was from. I understand the material. I understand how to rehearse well and how lose myself in the moment and yet still be aware of the literal elements of "performance". I can do drama and comedy equally well, I feel. I'm a fairly good auditioner. I love doing it. I love acting.

2) Writing. I probably give myself about as much credit as a writer as I deserve right now. I'm fairly new at it - I've only written 6 plays, 3 screenplays, and maybe a handful of short stories. But I think I have a good voice and my writing is pretty muscular and rich. I think I have a good ear and understand the rules and how to break them fairly well. I truly enjoy about 3/4 of my stuff. I have a lot to improve (though this is a positive-comment only entry), including but not limited to discipline. I like writing. And I don't understand it as I do acting. I often love the result. I just don't always love the process.

3) Music. I gave up music seriously 10 years ago. Piano and trumpet. And though I still play occasionally, I very much miss it. But I love that I trained in it as it helps me appreciate listening to music in ways those not trained in it can only imagine. Basically, it's a language I was lucky enough to learn early on. I have to give that to my mom and the Berkeley Unified School District. Rock.

4) Photography. I used to have my own darkroom and I miss it. I just don't have the space right now. It's something I can and will come back to. There is something about printing your own work that gives me chills and makes me deeply deeply happy.

5) Alright, this is a very lame one, and I've considered lots of things like biking and kissing and shit like that, but I consider myself good at, and put lots of thought into, this one: I'm good at buying presents for people. In general, I think I have very good taste. Not in clothes, mind you. But in music, books, movies, dogs, women, and gifts. I've made a few big mistakes, but whenever I have to buy gifts, I put a lot of thought into it.

That's enough positivity for today. That was very embarrassing but kinda fun. Go be nice to yourself for once, you. And if you feel like it, since I have no forum, feel free to send me similar lists of stuff you like about yourself. I might not be able to respond, but I love to read stuff y'all write.

ONE YEAR AGO TODAY: So me and some friends were walking home from Field Hockey practice and a big ol' dog jumped out from some bushes and started attacking Billy. Billy ran and the dog chased after him, so we followed, yelling and trying to get the dog off of Billy. And I'm kind of ashamed of this, but I was secretly hoping the dog bit Billy right in the balls because I didn't like Billy and well, the girl I liked, Sara Whitman, liked Billy and if he didn't have any balls anymore, he wouldn't be able to hump Sara Whitman and then so she would dump him and go out with me. But the dog got bored and stopped chasing him so it doesn't matter anyway.

The Larry King Happy Song Corner

If you let me make love to you then why can't I touch you? If you let me make love to you then why can't I touch you? I'm not saying I want to change you. I don't want to rearrange you. If you let me make love to you then why can't I touch you? If you let me make love to you then why can't I touch you? From the very first moment I saw you it's been a different world. From the very first moment I saw you it's been such a different world. I seem to be a little bit stronger. Each moment seems just a little bit, little bit longer. Missing links and little kinks have never been found and uncurled. But you're still the same, you're like a frozen flame. Well it sure seems a shame. You let me make love to you but you won't let me touch you.... speaking of which. This broad I once knew way back in the 30's it must have been, I was at her railroad flat down on the Lower East Side which is now very "chic", or so these big hairy ears hear, but was at the time the slumiest slum this side of Calcutta. Anyway, we were making whoopie and I went in to touch her melons and she grabbed my wrist and said, "No. No Larry. Bad Larry." She didn't know much English, that one... I don't know she was German or Mexican or Irish or what have you - Catholic, most likely... anyway, I said, "Yes. Yes, Larry." And I went to touch her cans again, and again she grabbed my wrist and said, "No. No Larry. Bad Larry." And this is what I said. I said, "If you let me make love to you then why can't I touch you?" But she didn't understand so I just finished up my business, made her give me a sawbuck for the train, and left. Crazy Catholic broads.
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