who dat? contest.

(yo stee. i know
who dat?)

last game:

talented motherfucking comedian wayne grady.

the abc version of who's line is it anyway?

first correct answer:

my fellow "spy"
kieca mahoney

left column love today because you in the world, pretty ladies.

i let you down

Here are the numerous problems I've had at work today which do not allow me to write a real entry:

I.T. boys fucking with my email system.

Being dragged to Starbucks across the street by two friendly co-workers.

Network crashing.

Mucho email.

People talking shit on other journalers' forum sending me into a righteous fury, thus causing me to spend time holding back from writing email telling said people to shut the fuck up.

Disney Screenplay Contest Application.

New Dinosaur Jr. CD to rock out to.

A super fucking funny video of a cat jumping on a little toddler. If you haven't seen it, have DSL, and ask nicely, I might be able to send it to you, if the I.T. boys worked my shit out.

Long lunch at Sittons, my favorite greasy spoon this side of The Waverly in New York City.

Had to go buy gum.

Dreading watching Dirty Dancing tonight in effort to choose which films my comedy group is doing for our upcoming run.

I just got a new flippy monkey at a toy store; watching it flip.

ONE YEAR AGO TODAY: Slept for 19 hours. Showered for 4. Ate for 30 minutes. Then: Boy Meets World time, baby!

The Larry King Happy Song Corner

The river was deep but I swam it. (Janet) The future is ours so let's plan it. (Janet) So please, don't tell me to can it. (Janet) I've one thing to say and that's: Dammit, Janet I love you. The road was long but I ran it. (Janet) There's a fire in my heart and you fan it. (Janet) If there's one fool for you then I am it. (Janet) I've one thing to say and that's: Dammit, Janet I love you. Here's a ring to prove that I'm no joker. There's three ways that love can grow. That's good, bad, or mediocre. Oh, J-A-N-E-T I love you so... speaking of which. My subway broke down but I wasn't latey. (Katie) I did an interview with Warren Beatty (Katie). To Russell Crowe I said, "Matey". (Katie) I've one thing to say and that's: It's fatey, Katie Couric, I love you.
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