who dat? contest.

none today.

last game:

late jazz trumpeter/singer chet baker.

first correct answer:

katie marye

left column sleepy.


Sorry folks. I've been crazy busy. Pamela was here and I've been shooting for the last 4 days. I've gone to sleep as the sun is coming up every night. We're shooting on 35mm so the complexity of things (we shot on digital previously) has multiplied tenfold. It's 2pm and I'm back on set at 3:30pm. I'll probably be up all night again.


Oh, but check this out. Last entry I talked about Crespo, the Godfather of NYC elevator inspectors. Well, the awesome Andria sent me this.

Ripped it off the wall (temporarily, she assures me).

Rock. But what's with the (P), yo?

ONE YEAR AGO TODAY: Watched ice skating for 3 straight days.

The Larry King Happy Song Corner

Larry is seeing Center Stage, again.
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