who dat? contest.


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skier and road rules mission mayor,
picabo street.

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tracey bartlett

left column not going anywhere. no vacation. no love. no sit in backyard with beer and dog and read. sad.

miss me, damn you

So yes, I'm gone. I'm leaving my house and cat in the hands of a friend, and taking off for my ten-year high school reunion, and for a week of taking care of my mom's house while she's out of town. I actually have a good deal of writing to do while I'm gone, but mostly I'm going to be doing the things I love to do in the city where I spent the first 18 years of my life.

I'm going to try to update while I'm gone, but you never know. But I'll be "around" with my new laptop.

So if you're bored, read some of the fine folk in my links, or if you need some stee, read the Road Rules recaps on MightyBigTV or go check the archives. Here are a few of my favorites, if forced to pick.

Have a kick-ass week. Drink a beer, read a book, kiss someone. You'll feel much better afterwards.

my first entry

how i spent the same vacation last year

first entry read by anyone -- i kept it a secret until then

fun with kubrick

the first interview

scared straight

i hit rock bottom with the interview subjects

inanimate objects

fuck 'em one, fuck 'em two, fuck 'em all


the commercial audition

what a stee wants...

bomb threats are always funny

check it: when in doubt... funny pictures of dogs. i'm telling you.

the pw hits a year... like a brick wall

drinks with your ex

we wish

The Larry King Happy Song Corner

Everyone gather round now, sing him a song. Just in case by tomorrow it happens he's gone. For two weeks and seven days our fair foreign friend - I have this feeling we might never see Stephen again. We thought he was gone, but he's come back again. Last week it was funny, now the jokes wearing thin. Everyone knows now that every night now will be Stephen's last night in town. He's charmed everyone here except Tamara Easter, who later revealed to him her innermost secrets. Won us over with stories about Linda McCartney. Lost points with the ladies for saying he couldn't love a woman with cellulite. We were talking bout something, seems like was funny. Then Stephen got quiet I think Stephen was mad. Maybe he wasn't mad, but we felt really strange for a moment, then the moment was gone and forgotten about... speaking of which. Hello? I'm Larry King. I need a lot of energy to get through my day, that's why I... what?... I'm not on commercial? What the hell is this? What? The journal column? Oh, whatever. I'm going to go have a smoke. Call me when I have to record the next Ginsana spot. Good for nothing producer...
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