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who dat?)

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actor arliss howard.
a bunch of stuff, look it up.

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lisa ecton

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celebrity interview: olive

I haven't done a celebrity interview lately, as after my last few, it seemed that there was an total ban on my interviewing anyone in town. I couldn't even get to Jack Wagner, though I tried. So I've laid low for a while, waiting for the freeze to thaw. Well, it hasn't. But through some cajoling, wheedling, and a few threats, I finally secured an interview...

With my cat.

STEE: Thanks for sitting down with me.
OLIVE: Where were you?
STEE: At a Hollywood networking party.
OLIVE: How was it?
STEE: Um, fine. I drank a beer. Chatted. Gave a cigarette to a hippie girl named Max.
OLIVE: I saved the apartment from monsters.
STEE: Really. Monsters?
OLIVE: Yes. Monsters try to kill you all the time.
STEE: Thanks.
OLIVE: Hm? What?
STEE: I said thank you.
OLIVE: Hi. You're home!
STEE: Yes.
OLIVE: Where were you?
STEE: I just... nevermind. So Olive, I have a few questions.
OLIVE: OK. Shoot.
STEE: Why do you try to wake me up every morning?
OLIVE: The bed monsters.
STEE: Bed monsters.
OLIVE: Try to kill you when you sleep. They eat drooling and snoring boys.
STEE: I don't- I sort of think you wake me up just for fun.
OLIVE: No. Bed monsters. They start singing in the box and then you are really in trouble and I save you.
STEE: That's my alarm clock.
OLIVE: Monsters.
STEE: Let's move on.
OLIVE: Feed me.
STEE: You have lots of food.
OLIVE: Feed me more. Fill the bowl. Fill the bowl. Ooh, watch me.
(Olive runs to the other side of the room, scratches the chair, jumps into the closet, jumps out, tries to kill the rug, then runs back and lies down.)
STEE: That was nice.
OLIVE: Hm? What?
STEE: What's with you and the sparkle balls?
OLIVE: Monsters.
STEE: I keep putting them on the shelf and you climb up and get them and arrange them in patterns.
OLIVE: Watch out!!!
STEE: What!
OLIVE: They almost killed you. I saved you. Pet me. Pet me. Feed me.
STEE: Why do you sit on the windowsill and look outside all day?
OLIVE: You really don't get what's going on here, do you?
STEE: I guess not.
OLIVE: Hee. You're stupid.
STEE: I am not.
OLIVE: You are. You are.
STEE: What would you think if I got another cat, or a dog?
OLIVE: What are those?
STEE: Well, you are a cat.
OLIVE: (laughing) Yeah, OK, "whatever".
STEE: And a dog is... do you remember when I brought that other furry thing over to where you were living at the time and you were scared and hid under the chair and hissed at it?
OLIVE: Yeah, that was weird. What was that?
STEE: That was a dog.
OLIVE: No, don't get one of those.
STEE: We'll see.
OLIVE: Don't go away anymore. Stay and watch me sleep, OK?
STEE: I have to work.
OLIVE: No you don't. You're stupid.
STEE: I have to. I have to make money.
OLIVE: No you don't. Money is stupid. Pet me.
STEE: If I don't make money, I can't buy food for you.
OLIVE: (pause) Yeah, you should go to work tomorrow.
STEE: You know, I'm going away for a week soon.
OLIVE: No you're not.
STEE: Yes I am.
STEE: I have to.
OLIVE: I'll kill you.
STEE: That's not nice.
OLIVE: I'll let the bed monsters kill you.
STEE: Yes, you do that.
OLIVE: Hm? What?
STEE: You were going to kill me.
OLIVE: Hi. When did you get home? Oh look, a couch.
STEE: Are we done here?
OLIVE: With what?
STEE: I'll take that as a yes.
OLIVE: Feed me.
STEE: You have food.
OLIVE: (pause) No I don't.
STEE: You do.
OLIVE: You're seeing things. You're stupid. Trust me.
STEE: I'll give you a little more. (I give her more food. She runs away.) I thought you needed food.
OLIVE: Hm? What? Oh hi, you're home! I'm going to lie down.
STEE: Um, thanks for the interview.
OLIVE: Zzzzzzzzzzzzz...


...my latest Road Rules recap should be up.

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