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welcome & an experiment in email

Welcome to plaintivewail.com!!! Ta-da!!!

(pause…pause…scratch head…)

"Looks pretty much the fucking same to me."

Well my friends, you're right! With my knowledge of all things computer, let's just say it was a minor miracle (on the level of Stephen Hawking winning the Boston Marathon) to get everything over here, so a major revamp is out of the question at this point.

And because I needed help like a 2 year-old crossing the street, I bugged Diane with tons of Algernon-type email. (thank you, diane)

But mostly I enlisted the help of pamie, with whom I lobbied about 1000 emails back and forth. Because we're tired and lazy from all of the sweat and strain (not that kind of sweat and strain, cheeky monkeys) we've decided to post some of our lame e-mail instead of cranking out individual entries. Consider it a Behind the Webpage, or The Stee True Hollywood Story.

Of course, you may just consider it a torrid love affair between stee and pamie. It's more fun to think of it that way. All we're saying is that we're doing all of this work and not smoking and the thought of writing something else has made us nauseous.


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The Larry King Happy Song Corner

  la la la la la la la.
 Larry's getting used to his new home. He's not sure he likes it one bit.
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