the best policy

This is going to have to be short. Not because I'm running out of time or have tons of work to do. No. It's because I'm very tired and really have nothing much to say. How's that for honesty.

I did learn something important this morning, though. When you want to go get real coffee in the morning as, like, a treat or something, don't freeze and order a caramel mocha. You don't like that shit. You like coffee, not liquidy sundaes in the morning. Stick with the free coffee machine coffee. Sure, it's tastes like smoky Clorox, but it's better than still finding yourself picking caramel out of your teeth at 2pm.

Last night I was invited to the LA screening of the new documentary about the Ozzfest heavy metal tour. It was at the newly redone Egyptian and opened with some Jim Rose Circus-esque guy who did glass wrestling and drilled holes in his head and lifted shit with his tongue. He was pretty lame in a big venue as the theatre was, and because the crowd was half Hollywood suits and half rockers, he ended up getting both disturbed reactions, and the worst heckling of his life. The movie itself, however, was great. Ozzy, though I don't care much for his music, has to be one of the more interesting human beings on the planet. Seriously. And I also learned about a few new bands I think I'll like. The movie really is very well put together and terribly entertaining. I hope it gets distribution. After the show we saw the whole Osbourne family, except for Ozzy. Then later we had fun riffing in the Ozzy-voice his phone call to Sharon Osbourne on how he slept though his alarm and missed the show.

Tonight is that last Temptation Island. I was recently contacted by two of the cast members, and we've been emailing back and forth. I should hopefully get a chance to interview them soon. I enjoy the fact that MBTV is getting more and more popular. There has been a lot of media attention lately and more and more cast members and creators of the shows we cover have been making contact with our staff. I'm proud to write for such a fun site with such a cool group of people -- some of whom I'm going to get to see at SXSW in a couple weeks.

I had a really good weekend, working and then meeting with people and figuring out what comes next for me in terms of projects. I'm very happy with what in fact I am going to be doing. There is a script I've been working on for the past few months that I was ready to abandon, but then I realized that one of the problems is that I hadn't shared the idea with anyone. And the minute I did and they all really liked it, I felt great about it again. I need people. Go figure.

I just found out my ex landed a fantastic acting gig -- basically a dream job for her that will hopefully significantly change her life. I'm very happy for her.

Okay, that's it. I'm going to go home and nap and then do some work. Try to keep up with my fancy life.

The Robert Downey Jr. Happy Song Corner


I will choke until I swallow. Choke this infant here before me. What is this but my reflection? Who am I to judge and strike you down? But you're pushing and shoving me. You still love me and you pushit on me. Rest your trigger on my finger, bang my head upon the fault line. Take care not to make me enter. Cause if I do we both may disappear. But you're pushing me, shoving me. Pushit on me. Slipping back into the gap again. I'm alive when you're touching me, alive when you're shoving me down. But I'd trade it all for just a little bit of piece of mind. Put me somewhere I don't wanna be. Seeing someplace I don't wanna see. Never wanna see that place again. Saw that gap again today. As you were begging me to stay. Managed to push myself away, And you, as well. If, when I say I may fade like a sigh if I stay, you minimize my movement anyway, I must persuade you another way. There's no love in fear. Staring down the hole again. Hands upon my back again. Survival is my only friend. Terrified of what may come. Just remember I will always love you, even as I tear your fucking throat away. But it will end no other way...speaking of which. When I was a little kid I used to imagine I was an airplane pilot. Oh, there's no real story. That's it. I used to want to be a pilot. Stop judging me like that. And enough with the "high" jokes, they're just not funny, and really tediously obvious at this point, wouldn't you agree?
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