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OK. Probably my favorite time of year is here – and I’m not talking Christmas or the impending Super Bowl (I love that too – even though my Niners suck cock this year). It’s when the end of the year film awards start being handed out – culminating of course with the Oscars. I know, I’m a total queen about this, but I don’t care. I like the whole thing. Except for Joan Rivers talking to people on the red carpet. I have to shut my eyes, and ears. So be forewarned, plaintive wail will become more and more consumed with this shit as the weeks roll on. Get out now if you want.

So the whole shebang got started yesterday when the National Board of Review (old group consisting of film critics, teachers, historians, and students) came out with their list. I like the NBR, but not because I always agree with their picks, because I don’t. Two years ago they picked LA Confidental (fine), but then Jack Nicholson for As Good As It Gets, a film and a performance with which I had huge problems. Last year I thought they were all fucked up, picking Gods and Monsters, Ian McKellen, Fernanda Montenegro, Ed Harris, and Christina Ricci. I do like them for other reasons, including the fact that they tend to nominate their supporting actors/actresses for their body of work that year.

So here is the NBR’s list for 1999:

BEST PICTURE: American Beauty.

BEST ACTOR: Russell Crowe. The Insider.
Not sure yet if it’s my choice, but it’s a damn fine choice.

BEST ACTRESS: Janet McTeer. Tumbleweeds.
She was good. Damn good. But not the best this year.

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: Philip Seymour Hoffman. Magnolia & The Talented Mr. Ripley.
I’ve not seen either of these yet (or Flawless, for which he was NOT nominated), but he is a total bad ass. This is a crowded field. Seriously crowded. You’ll see.

BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Julianne Moore. An Ideal Husband & A Map of the World & Cookie’s Fortune & Magnolia.
Whew. She rocks. Only seen Ideal Husband. She’s great. In general, she can almost do no wrong by me. She’s wonderful as the lead in End of the Affair. Plus she’s always getting naked…

DIRECTOR: Anthony Minghella. The Talented Mr. Ripley.
Hm. Not seen it, but I’m one of them total English Patient believers. Sick of Gwenie though. Way sick. Right now this would not be my choice, but we’ll see.

DOCUMENTARY: Buena Vista Social Club.
Not seen it. I’m a horrible documentary-slacker. I know. Same with FOREIGN films. Of the five they mentioned I only saw Run, Lola Run. The Pedro Almodovar film will probably win the Oscar. It’s the NBR’s pick.

SCREENPLAY: John Irving. The Cider House Rules. 

The NBR also does a bunch of other cool awards.

BREAKTHROUGH PERFORMANCES: Wes Bentley. American Beauty.

Hilary Swank. Boys Don’t Cry.
Go Next Karate Kid. Go.

DEBUT DIRECTOR: Kimberly Peirce. Boys Don’t Cry.
Must see this.



Clint for Career Achievement
Tim Robbins (director Cradle…) for Special Achievement
Michael Mann (director The Insider) for Freedom of Expression
Joan (yes, from Twin Peaks!) Chen (director Xiu Xiu: The Sent Down Girl) for International Freedom of Expression
Plus a few others

The NBR also comes out with a Top Ten List. Another reason to like them. The last nine are:

The Talented Mr. Ripley
The Insider
The Straight Story
The Cradle Will Rock
Boys Don’t Cry
Being John Malkovich
Three Kings

Hmmmmm. (No Man in the Moon. No Anna and the King. No Green Mile. Interesting.) As of now, I’d boot Tumbleweeds. Election would be high up. Fight Club’s probably on there. That’s all I’ll commit to for now. For now…

Oh, they also do a special list of Independent (whatever that means anymore) Films:

Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels
Man of the Century
A Map of the World
Stir of Echoes
This Is My Father
Twin Falls Idaho
A Walk on the Moon

(I will bet anyone out there that if The Blair Witch Project had not made tons of money, that would be on this list. I guarantee it.)

Anyway, that’s it.

What a year, no?


Being an actor and a writer and a general entertainment whore, I like drama. I like car wrecks. I like break-ups and fights and explosions. I think we need more of that in this little online journal community. C’mon, Dave Van can’t provide it all. So for pure drama’s sake, (for pure entertainment value, for the love of static, if these were not real people that I actually like) here’s what I would have happen in a few cases:

Of course, Dana and Rob would admit they had a torrid affair and made hot monkey love in Connecticut.

Sara would turn out to yes, actually be a big fat man. Men all over the country weep simultaneously.

Patrick would indeed fall madly in love with a woman and have to un-come out to everyone.

Diane would make a million dollar spec sale and change the name of her journal to: OK, A Couple People Know a Few Things.

(If anyone else wants to play, feel free to send your thoughts in. Just don’t be mean to anyone.)


...Twelfth Night closes this weekend. Sigh.

The Larry King Happy Song Corner

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Larry is out shopping for his tux. Tails or no this year?

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