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So it's late on a Sunday and I'm beat. A few quick things:

Regarding Thursday's journaller drama fantasies... Jette suggested: "Stee turns out to not be an actual person at all, but is really Pamie writing from her dark side." Yeah right... Oh, dammit Cal, don't scratch the sofa!

Saw The Green Mile. Quite good. Hanks has the ability to make anything schmaltzy, but he's good. Arguably the best ensemble acting in a while.

Closed Twelfth Night. Great closing weekend. Sold out Friday and Saturday. 90 people watched a wonderful closing night. My ma and cousin flew down. Loved it. I will miss everyone. Best theatre experience in a while. Cast party after. You know how someone heads to another room to smoke weed and a few follow to join in? I looked back - 30 people were following.

I'm a total sheep: I made an Amazon wish list. But I went nuts, for fun. Anyone have 600 dollars for that TV?

Last weekend I played with dogs and puppies at a rescue center's dog fair. Saw a fellow cast member adopting a puppy. Talked to the owners for a while. Turns out they were none other than Wendy and Lisa of Prince fame!

I'm tired. Love me like I love you. That's all I ask.


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