who dat? contest:

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"i know!"

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john coltrane
tenor sax god

robert johnson was a good guess folks, except for the suit and the sax

first correct answer:

max plumbean

and boy are my arms tired

This is going to be short because I just flew in to LA from Berkeley and got no sleep last night because of the wedding, which was the purpose of my 48 hour trip. For now, suffice it to say that I had a really good time. It was the first of my guy friends’ weddings and naturally my thoughts we’re filled with big thoughts as I’ve known this cat since we were three-year old little fellas.

Right after flying in today, M. and I went to see The Muse, Albert Brooks’ latest film. They call Brooks the West Coast Woody Allen and I see the similarities: both are winey filmmaker-actors whose early films were much better than their later ones. Most of the jokes in this movie just fell flat; they felt very much like "gags". To my dismay there was lots of mugging (much of it on Brooks’ part) and tired jokes. The acting was pretty mediocre – Sharon Stone had a couple good moments – and something I never notice in films set in the present day: the costumes were awful. Even the promised Sharon Stone naked moment was a brief ass/side-of-breast shot. Jeff Bridges was totally wasted (under-utilized, not stoned), which to me is a hanging offense right there. There were a few good celebrity cameos (Raging Bull Marty was very funny) and some genuinely hilarious scenes. The ending though, oh, just awful, especially coupled with the terrible Elton John closing credits song. And all this – I still had a good time. I don’t know why, maybe I was still tipsy from last night’s wedding reception.


…the night before I left, Todd and I finished the first draft of our script! It only took eight long months. But it’s printed and ready to proof – I just have to figure out how to get him a copy as he’s now in Toronto filming his TV show. Writing with a partner has its pluses and minuses, but all said, I would do it again. The melding of the voices is difficult, as is finding time to get together, but once you’re together – you can’t give up and turn on the TV. It is a great motivating factor having to be "on" for someone else. I leave again this Friday for a week’s vacation, so I’ll be on Lake Michigan in northern Minnesota with a red pen in hand…


…We made it home from the movie in time to watch the final hour-long episode of Who Wants To Be Mindfucked By Regis? The highlight was this strange little Asian guy who said he’d take his mom to Branson, Mo. to see Andy Williams if he won, said he feels like he’s, "on the toilet and everybody’s watching", and then didn’t know what instrument Jackie Du Pre played. If only he’d seen more art house films! And the capper was that his brother, his phone-a-friend, gave him the wrong answer. Man, those phone-a-friends are not a very good resource. I hope he doesn’t go Menendez his bro now.


…last night in a semi-drunken haze I checked my phone messages in LA and there was a message from one of the production companies to whom I sent my script. The woman who requested it loves it. "I spent the afternoon reading it and laughing and crying," she said, and is pitching it this week to the rest of the company heads. For many reasons this company just feels like a perfect fit, so… well… I hope this doesn’t jinx it. Man, I’m a bit beside myself.

OK, so I guess it wasn't that short after all.


The Larry King Happy Song Corner

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Larry did it all for the nookie. What? The nookie. What? So you can take that cookie and stick it up your… which reminds me, you haven’t lived until you’ve been to the Cookie Hut in Chicawaukee, New Jersey. Take it from me, they have the best Snickerdoodles this side of the Cuyahoga.

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