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glad to be back

I just flew in from Berkeley where I attended one of my oldest friend's wedding and I'm very tired and drinking a Corona with lime for the first time since I had to be pulled away from the blackjack table at 8am last weekend and I'm taping the end of the SNL 25th Anniversary show because if I saw another skit featuring Loren Michaels in a double-breasted suit backstage I was going to kick the TV off its stand.

(Why was Mini Me on the show? Hasn't that little guy sucked all the mileage possible out of that gig yet? And what was with Lorraine Newman's face-lift? And why was Kevin Spacey on the show for only one second? And are we sure Dan Ackroyd didn't actually eat John Belushi? And did anyone else cry when they saw Chevy Chase now and then thought back to Caddyshack? And did Paul Simon recently stumble across the Fountain of Age? And why did Glenn Close have such a bad seat?)

Thus, as I should so clearly just go to sleep, this is going to be a short one.

Quick impressions of the marital weekend:

Jeff and Nada (that's her name) walking down the aisle to Pachabel's Canon and my mom whispering to me, "Everyone's favorite piece of classical music." Watching the parents of my childhood friend Holmes (who killed himself a few years ago) dancing together happily at the reception. Talking to a lot of old acquaintances and hoping I never take up golf. Seeing a girl from my high school who just got back from the Peace Corp in West Africa and then guessing she was now "working for an Internet start-up", and being correct. Waking up at noon for the first time in months. Taking my mom to see American Beauty (second time for me) and finding myself crying when Ricky's dad beats him up. Tying cans to Jeff's Volvo and then watching them drive away. Missing getting my peanuts on the flight back to LA because I was in the bathroom and being actually quite disappointed.

The Larry King Happy Song Corner

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Larry has vocal maladies tonight.

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