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Hey y'all. I'm fucking bored, yo. Well, not bored but restless. I get like this. I'm waiting for my couch to be delivered and for my homies figurines to be delivered. I'm waiting to hear word on different career shit. I'm waiting for our second show to open. I'm waiting to shoot this film I'm doing a part in over the next few weeks. I'm waiting for my one-act show to be cast. I'm waiting to have enough money to move into a place with a yard -- my by now boring refrain. I'm waiting for... I don't know. Other stuff. To be able to get a dog. To not have to sit in an office. Blah Blah Blah. I'm waiting for my neighbors here at work to Shut The Fuck Up for a minute. I'm waiting for Radiohead tickets to go on sale for a rumored concert. I did get tickets to the Foo Fighters this weekend! A friend got them for me. Rock. Yeah, so I'm waiting for that. I'm waiting to see how far the script gets in Austin. I'm waiting to have a night free to see Almost Famous. I hate waiting, to the depths of my soul. Hate it. Rather than sitting at a stop light, I'll go four blocks out of the way, just to be able to keep moving. I'm about as un-Zen as you can get these days.

I've mentioned this before, but you should read The D-Girl Diaries on this site. It's very funny and surprisingly touching and human, beneath the surface.

We had our second and final night of our first show on Saturday. We sold out again and it went well. Though not as good as opening. I've been surprised by how many of my friends have come. I had about 15 people there both nights. I didn't even know I knew that many people. We take a few days off and then open our next show 12 days from now. Four more to go total. Then we're done until we start shooting a few shorts the group has planned. By then I've visited my sister and finished that movie. And then when my friend gets married and the bachelor party stuff and the wedding weekend is done, I'll be relatively free. That's not for two months, but I look forward to that time so.

This weekend I rehearsed and performed and sweat. It was 9 million degrees in my apartment. I took restless hot naps and read. Last night M. opened a very sexual two person play a few blocks away from me. I've resisted calling my friend who was going last night to see how it was -- to get him to tell me about it. I'm proud of myself for that. I'm probably going to see it in a couple weeks. I don't relish the prospect.

I wanted to reprint something I wrote in the forum about the SAG strike against the advertising business. Many people know very little about the strike -- I don't even know that much -- but it is really taking its toll here in Hollywood, especially in terms of fear of what other strikes are coming down the pike:

Spots are being shot, but not nearly at the rate or quality as in normal times. And when I use a subjective word like quality, I am quoting a major ad company (I can't remember the name, but it's a huge one) and a major client (The Walt Disney Company) in a memo snagged by the Hollywood Reporter last week. And it was in this very memo that some big directors were mentioned as being unavailable because of their unwillingness to break ranks; the campaign was postponed in order to wait for the strike to be resolved, the director to become free, and quality actors to be once again able to work.

As I understand it, here's how things stand with the union activity:

That the months-old SAG strike against advertisers is closer to being resolved than previously (with no real progress made in contracts on either side), but might go on indefinitely.

That the SAG strike against Producers (affecting movies, tv, etc.) might happen next year but will probably be over much quicker than this one as that would affect the Stars, and thus, the whole industry - not just actors in commercials.

That the Writer's Guild will strike next year and it will probably be long and ugly. Right now Hollywood is rushing stuff into production to try to beat the two strikes, and TV shows are attempting to stockpile episodic scripts in order to be able to continue shooting if the WGA strike goes on. This is pretty pointless as most writers won't churn out extra episodes on principle and on (almost) order from John Wells, current head of WGA. But most importantly, with the evolving storylines, it is nearly impossible to write episodes too far ahead.

Hollywood will come to a stand-still next year to some degree. I have no idea how long it will last. One of the reasons the SAG strike has gone on as long as it has is that we're against the advertisers who own, well, the fucking media! It's nearly an impossible battle. Secondly, people think of actors as babies who get 20 million for looking pretty. This is not the case. Most are hard-working men and women who barely make enough to cover rent, if they're working at all. People have sympathy for teachers on strike or factory workers, but not actors. And it makes it difficult.

Last night I was at my friend's house rehearsing for the film and I saw the dog he rescued that I talked about recently. This is the dog he witnessed get run over by a truck. He broke his pelvis and is fine otherwise. Turns out, even after the world being so mean and uncaring, he's a docile and sweet little guy. Very trusting and friendly and calm. My friend said that during his struggle to get the dog to the curb and to call the humane society, many people stopped or brought out food and blankets (the opposite of an incident he had when he tried to help a hit cat previously) for the dog. He was also surprised to hear that three people had called the pound to find out if the dog was doing alright. It restored my friend's faith in humanity just a bit. Anyway, my friend is still my hero and the dog is healing nicely. He should be limping around the valley (on a leash this time) very soon.

Last night we realized it's been just about exactly ten years since we started college at NYU. Wow. I've known him and some of my best friends out here for ten years now. That's a long time. We tried to figure out how we've changed, but the prospect of pinning that down was too much for us to take, so we just reminisced. Actually, one thing we did realize is that we both still have dreams from back then that haven't been crushed or discarded. Nay, at the moment they are all the more alive than ever. I think that's pretty rare. On the flip side (or maybe this goes hand in hand), we both feel incredibly immature and much "younger" than what we perceive as "twenty-eight." But I am mature enough to realize that is probably a very common feeling. So, hey, that's something at least.

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