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Continuation of yesterday's survey from Mike.

31. What bad habit do you have that no one is supposed to know about?

Girl cams. I love to watch GirlCams. Day and night. Girls watching TV. Girls reading. Girls’ cats napping. I can’t get enough.

32. Are you completely honest in situations where your name isn't used?

No. My real name is not used on this site, and even so, practically everything is a lie. I’m actually a very popular A-list movie actor, but I’m really disgruntled with fame and all you people always coming up to me, "Oh, Tom, can I have an autograph." I’m mean, I’m trying to pee here, you know? And everyone is starting to like Nicole better than me. And as to those rumors that I’m gay… Oh. I guess I just used my name, huh. Uh… Yup, that’s me. Tom Wopat. You figured me out. Darnit.

33. Ever urinated in public?

Yes. But I have this friend who for a spell would whip it out everywhere. He peed in a movie theatre once. Not in a cup like I did when I saw Indecent Proposal and didn’t want to miss Demi Moore naked which turned out to be a total disappointment, but right onto the floor. And in bars, under the table. He’d get this look on his face and we’d all jump up and run. He had a bit of a problem.

34. Which celebrity would you most like to see drop off the face of the Earth?

Steven Spielberg. And then…

35. Which celebrity would you most like to bring back from the dead?

…Steven Spielberg. And afterwards I’d be like, "See. Now if you don’t put me in your next film, I’ll do it again and leave you dead this time."

36. If you found out who really killed JFK, who would you tell first?

Whoever would pay me the most money.

37. What's your favorite comic strip?

Currently, I guess the Boondocks, but really since Calvin and Hobbes went away, I’ve seen nothing worthwhile. Oh, the Family Circus. Those rapscallions. And "Love Is…" So cute.

38. What was the last thing you purchased at Wal-hyphen-Mart? When was that?

We don’t have much of them in LA. Akin to that, though, is Target, where I last bought 200 fake spiders. (Don’t ask.)

39. If you were afforded the opportunity to sleep with one of your friends, who would it be?

Probably either my friend Nina because she’s sexy and kisses well (kissed her in a play nightly) or Cirque du Soleil trapezist friend Shana. Because, well, she’s a trapezist.

40. To what superstition do you most adhere?

Walking under ladders. I won’t do it. Just won’t.

41. Elevators or escalators?

I’ll only ride elevators because I had a cousin Jimmy sucked into an escalator when I was seven. A very sad day.

42. How many justices of the U.S. Supreme Court can you name? No cheating (there are nine).

No cheating. OK, let’s see:

William H. Rehnquist (Associate: 1972 - 1986, Chief: 1986 - ) John Paul Stevens (Associate: 1975 - ) Sandra Day O'Connor (Associate: 1981 - ) Antonin Scalia (Associate: 1986 - ) Anthony Kennedy (Associate: 1988 - ) David H. Souter (Associate: 1990 - ) Clarence Thomas (Associate: 1991 - ) Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Associate: 1993 - ) Stephen G. Breyer (Associate: 1994 - )

Not sure it’s right though, you know, coming just off the top of my head…

43. What is the name of your congressman? (or similar government representative for those living outside the US and not in some fascist country that doesn't have a representational government).

Mike Ovitz, I think.

44. What are you a big old geek about?

I was going to write about this today. See, I’m a total failure as a geek. It just doesn’t work. I mean, I hate Star Wars for example. I’ve never played Magic, the Gathering. I’m no good, I tell you.

45. Who makes you laugh?

Gallagher. And Judy Tenuda. Equally.

46. Have you ever been in a band? If so, what was it called?

Berkeley High School Jazz Ensemble. Seriously, Down Beat magazine named us second best high school jazz band in the country. Despite my mediocre ass.

47. Herbivore, carnivore, or omnivore?

I won’t eat the white man’s pork, that’s all.

48. When playing tic tac toe, which square do you always fill in first? Do you prefer "X" or "O"?

I think X’s, but I haven’t played in a while, you know… since the accident.

49. Does the time 4:20 have any significance for you?

That’s how many blackbirds they baked in a pie!!!

50. What was the biggest prize you ever won?

Well, it would have been the Nicholl (grrrrrrrrrrr…). Seriously, I think it was 4 tickets to Sears Point Raceway to watch some NASCAR. I didn’t go. Even at 10 I knew car racing was dumb.

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Larry thinks you all just take advantage of his sacred remembrances and don't really give anything back. Larry good. You bad. All of you. Bad.

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