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heathens. all of you.

lunch on rodeo drive

At lunch I had to drive an hour from my sad place of employ to Beverly Hills. Rodeo Drive, to be exact. The reason: business lunch with a production company on the script that has lately caused me such highs and lows of hope. It is a good company. A company whose films I admire. But why exactly we were meeting, I did not yet know.

I arrived at a swanky little bistro, dressed in my hip new Ross shoes – very black and very writerly and very New York. My shoes just ooze artistic angst. I found my target sitting alone reading the Hollywood Reporter. Youngish guy in regular Hollywood casual attire. A "d-guy" (development). Cool dude. We shook hands and I went to use the bathroom. Good move right, put them on your rhythm. Throw them off guard a bit. "Hey. How’s it going. I’ll be right back…". So I sit back down and we chat.

He loves the script. His company, unfortunately, passed on it. Didn’t even phase me, I’ve heard this so much lately. "The VP’s who did read it loved it but they didn’t feel there was room for it on our slate. But I really wanted to meet with you because it’s so rare to really connect with a script and I like to meet people whose work I like and to help them anyway I can."

Me, I’m like King of the Higher Ups Rejected, But We Love It And Want To Meet lunches alla sudden. But it’s good. It’s fine. It’s nice. However, bottom line for me is that I still had to come back and siddown at my desk and turn on the Next Stop Wonderland soundtrack and pretend I actually have any freedom. Which I don’t.

Anyway, the lunch went well and he’s pimping me to a real good agent he’s friends with and he’s getting me on some list of "up and coming writers" that apparently the Industry pays attention to because it’s maintained by some UTA agents… or something – I didn’t really follow. At one point I ask him how old he is, in some context, and he says, "24". I just about died. I was thinking he’s like 30 and I have this whole age thing so when he said 24 I totally relaxed even further. The age thing really showed its face when I mentioned the Hanks’ show Bosom Buddies and he didn’t know what I was talking about. I’m only 27 for crissakes. Man.

Well, fine meeting. Nice guy. One more fan, which is always good. And… I got free lunch.


…my good friend Shannon is on the season premiere of Buffy tonight. In case anyone of you watched it, she was the vampire with the long red hair. I think her character has body image issues or something.


…I think I may be turning into a nice guy because for some strange reason on my way to work I stopped and picked up donuts for my whole crew. Generosity: what a concept.

The Larry King Happy Song Corner

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Larry just generally feels unloved today.

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