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For the last year I’ve been obsessing about a desk chair that I did not have, but that exists here at work. There are only about 6 of them and all heavily guarded. My boss and composer Fred has one and has been touting its comforts almost daily.

Lately our little division has gone through a really rough time and the turnover rate now equals that of your average Subway Sandwiches. So with word of each new resignation I rush to the resigner’s office and casually check out which chair they have. Today is Rich’s last day – Rich is one of the good guys – and I realized I hadn’t checked his chair situation. Bingo!

A Herman Miller Equa II. A chair Time Magazine called one of the 10 best designs of the last decade. A beautiful expensive comfortable lovely chair. I asked if I could take it before he even left the building. He said yes.


A year-long dream realized. Oh I love it. I do. So I’m just sitting here enjoying. My butt is happy. I’m happy. We didn’t get to bowl today because we had to go have stupid pizza to say goodbye to Rich, but, despite my new and yet deep need to bowl once a week, I’m happy.

Look at it.

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See. Isn’t it beautiful? OK, don’t look too long. Hey! Get your eyes off my chair, you.

OK, that’s better. Sorry, I know, that’s not even my chair, just a sales photo. But still…

A year folks. A year.

Obviously, chairs are a big deal. I’ve probably gone through 8 chairs here at work, always going back to the same big ugly clunky chair I had until this morning. I just can’t get comfy. Now I know if I was doing something I liked, I could sit on a epileptic porcupine and not notice, but since all I do all day is sit and ponder the life slipping away from me minute by minute, my chair has to be just right.

Fuck partying, I’m staying here all weekend.

The Larry King Happy Song Corner

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I feel the pain of everyone. Then I feel nothing. I feel the pain of everyone. Then I feel nothing. Is it up to me? You won't wait to see. Screwed us both again. About as close as you dare… speaking of which. Is there any worse pain that a heartbreak? Yes. Try getting your fingers caught in a the blender on Phil and Marlo’s yacht. Hey, I was just trying to make a margarita for the lovely young Hilary Swank, is that so wrong?

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