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something wicked this way comes

Something’s off-kilter today. Something’s weird in the air, and I don’t know what or why.

It started last night around midnight when we finally realized that our media drives on which is stored all of the footage for my short is somehow corrupt, and no editing was going to be done that night.

So I went home at midnight, happy as hell to not be up until 2 am again… and then I couldn’t get to sleep until 2.

Then this morning I got up and realized I hadn’t been awakened by the Friday Morning Airplane-Loud Garbage Trucks. Then I remembered a dream for the first time in about 3 months: I was on a cruise with a friend and Kevin Spacey (and no, it wasn’t one of those man-cruises to the Greek Isles so shut your yap) and I was bummed out for some reason. I had an airplane ticket and had to get off the cruise to fly and meet some family but Spacey informed me that at this time of year the ship doesn’t hit the port I needed to fly out of because hurricane season had started. I couldn’t figure out why they’d sell me a ticket if they knew they weren’t going to stop anyway. I remember Spacey was very kind to me. (Wow, that is a pretty gay dream.)

Then I spent most of this morning making calls on my cell phone outside because it was too loud in the office to hear anyone. And while I was talking in the parking lot, a bee dropped from the sky, dead. Just fell at my feet, still as stone.

Then my co-workers dragged me bowling and I sucked. I really sucked. And I’m usually like 70 points above everyone else. This time though, I came in fucking third. My spin was over-rotating and my shit was always hitting the 1 pin on the weak side. Just, out of whack.

Then I got back to discover that we are being kicked out of our free editing facility and will have to rent media drives right away to transfer our cut and find a new space. Scully (my fabulous angel editor) thinks he can get on an AVID across the street but we’ll have to finish next weekend. It can be done, but it’s just very upsetting considering we were like 93% finished.

Then I called to tell Frank (co-director/friend) the editing news and he had just heard that his father’s storage unit back in Chicago had been broken into and cleaned out. Basically all of his childhood papers, books, toys, everything was in there. His entire childhood has been stolen. Such an eerie and upsetting thing. I hope the thief dies. I really do. On the subject, I hope the thief who stole my motorscooter 8 years ago not dies, but has his car stolen. Today. Just gone when he comes out of the Pic ‘N Save with a bottle of Tanqueray. Karma-time motherfucker. And I hope the dude who broke into my mom’s house 2 years ago breaks into another house, but is attacked by the family Rottie. I want his nuts to be chomped and his calf muscle lacerated. Then I want the owner to come home… and rape him thrice. Then he can go.

After talking to Frank I found out that I won’t be able to attend the LA journalers meeting this Saturday because I can’t get out of rehearsal… but then I was told that the meeting is on Sunday. But every email I ever got, including one a couple days ago said, "See you Saturday!!!" So I’m very confused. Regardless, I totally cannot go on Sunday, so it’s a moot, though confusing, point.

What the hell is in the air today? Why do some days just feel, odd? Am I supposed to glean some message from all the oddness? And what more can happen today?

Shit. It’s only 2:00pm...

The Larry King Happy Song Corner

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New Amsterdam it's become much too much. Till Larry has the possession of everything she touches. Till Larry steps on the brakes to get out of her clutches. Till Larry speaks double dutch to a real double duchess… speaking of which. Every once in a while when I’m feeling down in the mouth, I like to travel up to Harlem and jump rope with the kids. My favorite chant is, "Ronald McDonald sittin’ on the fence. Tryin’ to make a dollar out of 15 cents. He missed. He missed. He missed like this." And you know what, I always feel so much better in the car heading back downtown afterwards. Boy, I love those crazy little colored girls!

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