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nothing if not glamorous

It’s Sunday night and I had a really good weekend. For me good weekends, by the end of them, feel like they were long – like it’s been a while since I was back at work. I suppose because it was so full. And as it was full I’m pretty beat – but I wanted to mention a story I heard that’s pretty unbelievable.

A friend told me this of a guy she knows. An actor. This actor, with about the same career as me, meaning none, was offered a job playing a FAMOUS CHILDREN’S ICON. The deal was for about $150,000 per year for ten years. He’d only have to work about 40 days a year doing appearances and commercials, but… he could take no other acting work. He said no. They pushed. He said no. They pushed. Finally, they offered him this: $550,000 per year and he can do anything else he wants. The catch: he can’t tell anybody. Not even his parents. Not even his girlfriend. I think my friend discovered it through the guy’s agent, who obviously knows. Wow.


…I had a commercial audition for an insurance company on Friday in which I play an assistant in a woman’s self-defense class. Basically, six women had to take turns pretending to kick me in the balls. And they all looked just a little too happy about it.


…A guy in 12th Night with me has a recurring role on Nash Bridges, so I taped it on Friday. I won’t bother commenting on the show, but he played this very stereotypical gay dude Pepe who has the hots for Cheech. Man I’m jealous.


…I had my costume fitting this weekend at the Mark Taper Forum costume shop. (The MTF is THE big theatre in L.A. and our designer works there.) I’ve never seen anything like it. I’m usually scrounging for my own costumes. We didn’t pin my costume down but I get the feeling I’m gonna look like Bowie in Labyrinth. Cool shit.


…I saw Fight Club tonight. I can’t believe this thing has gotten bad reviews. And like most of the really good movies I’ve seen this year: Election, American Beauty, Three Kings, it’s hard to describe. I’m waiting for Being John Malkovich, for which I assume the same thing will go.

The Larry King Happy Song Corner

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Larry is watching Farrah Fawcett’s TV movie tonight.

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