who dat? contest.

(yo stee. i know
who dat?)

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peter frampton

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john caputo

tenacious stee

So I'm near the end of Rock Week. It's been fun. As I said before, last weekend we went up to the forest above the Greek Theatre and listened to Radiohead. Beautiful shit. 300 cheap Angelenos listening to a truly original and edge-pushing English band fronted by a recluse with a lazy eye. We brought up beers and sat and listened. You really can't see the stage because of the trees and the farness; but at one point I saw a drum! I think. Thom said hello to us up in the trees. We cheered. I called friends and played them favorite songs on the cell phone. Very nice. Then Tuesday night Rock Week continued with an acoustic Beck show. Wheels Within Wheels: Beck was the first show I went to up in the trees above the Greek a few months back. This time we had tickets -- it was at a smallish theatre on Wilshire. We drank expensive, way-too strong Jack and Cokes, sneaking them into the theatre in our pockets and my friend's purse, and watched the show. Beck is amazing. The show was mostly slower and more folky. He's wonderful -- his voice is so deceptively strong -- but I wish he would have done more of his rockin' stuff. He did some of it, including a kick-ass version of his falsetto power-ballad "Debra" -- "I wanna get with you, and your sister." More Wheels: my friend called me from above the Greek, where he was listening to Pearl Jam; he played me "Light Years," a new song I love. I played him some Beck. I called other friends and played various songs. We drank and laughed and had a lot of fun. More Wheels: we were talking about seeing the Tenacious D show at the House of Blues this Sunday, and as we talked about it, we saw a bearded Jack Black (the actor, and leader of the duo Tenacious D) in the crowd for Beck.

So last night Rock Week continued with the Foo Fighters at the Universal Amphitheatre. I hate the whole Universal CityWalk with a white hot fire, but it was worth it. Our seats were pretty far from the stage, but fine. We got there to see Queens of the Stone Age suck all over the house. We kept walking out, getting beers, smoking. I ran into an old friend who disappeared from my life as people tend to do in LA (hello, you) but the lights told us the show was about to start so we parted and ran back in. Jerkoff from KROQ introduced, NOT the Foo Fighters, but a special guest (Wheels, folks): Tenacious D! They played four songs about fucking, and totally killed. They were fucking tremendously funny and tight. So they broke again and eventually the Foos came on. They rocked, folks. Rocked. Dave was humble and nice, but bad-ass and very funny. They played everything I wanted to hear, including Generator, my favorite Foo song right now. Dave did some drumming. He ran around the crowd. He chatted us up. He made a Sissy Spacek joke. And they played for a good hour and a half. And then as we left, we saw the best mullet I've ever seen. It was like this short hair, with these three massive clumpy things of hair hanging off the back. (He was a guy.) Another guy, overhearing us laughing, called it an Alabama Waterfall, but he might have just made it up. Anyway, it was a beautiful thing. So hopefully, Rock Week will continue with Tenacious D this weekend. If we can't get tickets, it ends here. Either way, it was a good reminder of how happy live music makes me, and also a good reminder that Jack Black fucking gets around.

Very sad, folks. My very last Road Rules recap is up. Go read it and cry.

Much more sad, my co-worker of two years got himself fired today. I'm still in shock. Basically, he went on a couple phone and email tirades today. This is the response he got:

"Your attitude is totally unprofessional and will not be tolerated.
>If you have questions about an upsell, pick up the phone and
>call instead of making a spectacle of yourself as you did below."

He replied:

>You are correct. I apologize. I'll have my desk and cube cleared out by
>the end of the day.

He wanted to leave. (Hell, we all do.) But I'll miss him. He was my partner in crime. He's off to do costuming, which he is very good at. Which is what he does. Sew like the wind, Rob. Sew like the wind...

DAY 39.


The Anna Nicole Smith Happy Song Corner

Call and I'll answer at home in the lost and found. You say that I'm much too proud. Someone who's taking pleasure in breaking down. Nevermind the mannequins, drunk in their hollow town, drinking their spoils down, cheap imitations. The revelation is now. You won't find me I'm going MIA. Tonight I'm leaving going MIA. Getting lost in you again is better than being numb. Counting every minute till the feeling comes crashing down. Run when it hits the ground, I'm good at escaping. But better at flaking out. Calling unanswered the center becomes blown out. Stuck on the inside now. It's fear I'm embracing. I never could face you down. Red, red, laced around your head. Cold and rescued. You wont find me I'm going MIA. Tonight I'm leaving going MIA. So you don't find me I'm going MIA. Tonight I'm leaving going MIA. Say good-bye to me I'm going MIA. I can find relief I'm going MIA. Getting lost in you again is better than being numb. Better than playing dumb... speaking of which. I knew a girl named Mia once. I did. I did. I don't remember her though. I think she was in some class with me or something in High School. Science, or some shit. I remember she wore the worst shoes ever, y'all. Just these nasty, funky things. Didn't even own any cowboy boots. I know. I know. Fuckin' Mia, man. Oh, did I mention I'm rich now? Hee. Fuck y'all.
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