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working for the weekend

I slept this weekend. Not a lot. Not tons. But this one night, man, I went to bed at like 4am, and woke up at 1pm. Seriously! That's like 9 hours! Now, one night in Madison I slept for 11 hours. That was some good sleepin', y'all. I think I died for a few hours but somehow decided to run away from the light. Rejected Carol Ann's advances and shit. That's the only way I can imagine ever sleeping that long. I sleep a lot when I go home, as I'm doing for Thanksgiving. My bed at the house is just the most fucking amazing thing in the world. It's huge and soft and outside is just yard so it's quiet and I can sleep my ass off there. I wonder sometimes if it's my bed here that doesn't let me sleep that much, but I don't think that's it. For example, friday night it was 3am and I had to be up early but for no reason I wrote a like 10k email to someone. And then last night I seriously contemplated going out at 1am. On a work night. When I had to be up by 8. Just retarded. Just plum retarded.

But. I can't quite remember what I did Friday night. I got a haircut and then met Pam for coffee. Then I went home. Then... oh, I remember. Back to the sleep thing. I was going to go out but I had the heat on in my place and I was lying on the couch and I had just finished by latest The $treet recap (more on that later...) and I had a cat on my lap and I decided to take a little nap... and next thing I knew it was midnight. So I didn't go out. I feel very very lame when I don't go out on weekend nights, but then I end up going out a lot of nights during the week so, you know, the whole thing is sort of moot.

Wow, it's clear outside right now. The weekend was hotter than it's been lately, but very windy. The Santa Ana winds keep you up. They have something mystical in them. Seriously. Everyone I know sort of has this gleam in their eyes right now. I'm all... something. It's an interesting time. It's an extremely interesting time. I almost wish I wasn't going away for Thanksgiving, but I don't get to see my friends up there very often, or my mom. I'm going to rent a car and drive up the coast, which is just a blast. I love driving alone. I get a lot of my thinking done there. I'll leave really early, while it's still dark, and get coffee and just drive all morning, hopefully getting up in time to meet a friend for lunch in San Francisco. But I've been meeting a lot of interesting people down here lately and the possibilities for everything just seem more right now. This could be temporary. It often is.

I fucking hate Netscape. I just thought I'd add that. I mean, I hate IE very very much. But now my hatred for Netscape is eclipsing any emotions I have for IE - any feelings of dirtiness or shame for using IE occasionally are leaving with every crash. Every. Crash. Which. Is. Fucking. Often.

Anyway, on Saturday night I went to see an very interesting evening of theatre. It's called The 24-Hour Plays and they've done it five years in New York and now they tried it out here, run by the same woman. Frank was one of the writers and basically on Friday night at midnight about 40 actors and 7 writers met in a big theatre downtown. Someone took photos of the actors and then they all left. The writers then drew actors' photos out of a hat and then had until six am to write a one-act play for that cast. Then in the morning they left and seven directors and the actors all met - rehearsed the shows all day - and then put them up with full sets and props and costumes and everything. Since the time commitment is literally a day, they managed to get a handful of celebrities to write, direct, and act in them. Now, naturally with 24 hours there were a few line problems (a friend of mine had about 8 pages of monologues to memorize and almost went insane doing so - she got huge applause at the end of her big speech) and the plays were of varying degrees of success, but considering that they were written in six hours, they were quite entertaining. The show was sold out (about 300 seats in the house) and it was just a generally very nice atmosphere. I don't know what lasting value the experiment has, but in that it got Frank excited again about the theatre, I think it's worthwhile. I might do the next round sometime in early 2001.

So it really was a theatre weekend because both Saturday and Sunday I went to rehearsals for the evening of my one-acts going up in December. To recap this, I don't have anything to do with the production except that I wrote it, know the producer, and watched callbacks and gave feedback on them. Well, I decided I wanted to swing by one rehearsal for each of the three shows and allow the cast to ask me questions because my shit, well, can be kinda weird. I've been in touch with all three directors to varying degrees, but I think it's nice to be able to see the casts and meet them and chat with them. Well. Two of the three plays have been done before and were successful. They work. I'm confident in them. But one of the three plays has never been done before and I really don't have a good feel for how good it is. So that was the first rehearsal I went to, and I'm no longer worried. Randomly, three of my friends were cast in that show, and I met the other actors and they're fucking cool. The director is very cool. It's a cool cast. One of the girls was Miss America a few years back, which is very strange. The director is in one of my favorite movies. Another cast member, I saw on a TV show on Friday night. (Welcome to LA.) And I ended up going back to see them again on Sunday just because I got a kick out of watching this very talented cast make a play I'm nervous about, work. And the great thing is they have over 3 weeks left to rehearse. The only other show I got to see this weekend worries me a bit. The cast is pretty strong but one of the actors, I'm afraid, is just not right at all. At all. And I don't know how to solve it. Plus, there's just some stuff I'm not sure is going in the right direction. It's very difficult to know what to do, as I'm not the director; but after my numerous meetings with the director, I totally trust her. I'm just scared it's going to continue to go in a direction I'm not sure it should go in and, well, suck. I have to call her now and give her my notes. Not looking forward to it.

So, lastly, I have a blatant, desperate, plea. My new show for MBTV, The $treet, isn't doing so well. And I'm not just talking about in the ratings, no one has signed up for the mailing list. Of all their shows, it is Dead Last. Dead Last. Road Rules was like 10th. That makes me sad. So, even if you don't ever want to read one of my recaps, go to the site and sign up for alerts for The $treet. (From front page go to the bottom left and click MBTV Mailing Lists.) I'll love you forever... or until I don't need your help anymore.

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