who dat? contest.

(yo stee. i know
who dat?)

last game:


left column sad

ha ha. but also not.

I feel like Howard Stern right now.

Big talking stee is suddenly on the solo tip. Now I'm The Single Guy. Suddenly Stee.

And I'm sure what some of my friends/readers/plants are going to be waiting for is this:
For The Stee To Go Nuts.

And as much as I'd probably like to some day, I can't imagine it right now. And I'm sure compared to what's expected - well, I imagine the reality is going to be a lot different...

stud stee

"Y'all. Last night I went to this orgy at Hef's place."

reality stee

"Y'all. Last night was an orgy of Must See TV. I watched Popular and
Freaks & Geeks then fell asleep crying during The Pretender."

"Yo. My shit was all up on this chick last night at the Tool concert.
I did her right there in the mosh pit."

"Yo. My shit listened to the Tool album 3 times while
playing SimCity3000. I built them a new duck pond!"

"Next week I'm flying to Chicago to go fuck that bridesmaid who wanted
me back during the wedding."

"Next week I'm buying a Chicago album because that
Glory Of Love song makes me sad."

"So I finally had 2 women at once. It was bad-ass!"

"So I finally smoked 2 cigarettes at once. Is that bad?"

"Last week was so cool because I just hung out with whoever I
wanted wherever I wanted."

"Last week I started weeping when I realized I
had to take a shuttle to the airport."

"I did four lines of coke yesterday off this stripper's ass
in the bathroom at Crazy Girls."

"I drank four cans of coke yesterday because we
were crazy busy and spent all day in the bathroom."

"I've been up for the last two days straight partying."

"I've been up for the last two days straight
looking at old photo albums and videotapes."

"I can do anything I want anytime I want without
being accountable to anyone!!!"

"I can do anything I want anytime I want without
being accountable to anyone..."

The Corin "Corky" Nemec Happy Song Corner

Lie down baby now don't say a word. There there baby your vision is blurred. Your head is so sore from all of that thinking. I don't want to hurt you now. But I think you're shrinking. You're half-naked ambition and you're half out of your wits. Or several tiny fractions that this portrait still omits. And it's so hard to pick the receiver up when I call. I never noticed you could be so small. The answer was under your nose but the question never arose. I know it don't make a difference to you. But oh! It sure made a difference to me. 'Cause late in the evening as I sit here moping. With a bamboo needle on a shellac of Chopin. And the cast-iron heart that you failed to tear open. At the other end. At the other end of the telescope... speaking of which. I was once at a Tony Robbins seminar with Lou Diamond Phillips and I guess someone gave us some bad acid because Tony's Frankenstein face began to intensely scare me during the "Be Your Own Love C.E.O." section and I ripped my pants off and ran screaming half-naked out of the L.A. Convention Center into the jewelry district where I passed out on a Brink's truck. Awaken This Giant, Tony.
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