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As I write this I'm on the phone listening to the Radiohead concert via Pamie's cell phone in Houston. I listened to a Weezer concert like this. She listened to Eddie Izzard and another Radiohead concert on my cell. It pays to have a good friend who likes concerts, travels, and has lots of free minutes.

I spent all day in what was supposed to be a quick meeting. Basically we decided to write the first act of our screenplay by way of showing scared studios that the "execution," as they say, will be there. We gave ourselves two weeks in which to do it, but after getting 11 pages knocked out the other day, we finished this weekend in a blaze of activity. We have a big meeting tomorrow so we'll see how having the first act being done plays out.

I would like to say that the unemployed life is easy, but sometimes very much work gets done. Strangely enough, however, after Frank left my pad at 6, I felt like I'd really not done anything. It's a strange feeling. I guess because I got to do all my work without having showered (sorry, Frank) and while sitting at home listening to music, I felt somehow as if I'd been slacking. And this was after spending the morning going through the forum and doing other online work. And immediately afterwards, I went grocery shopping. And I know that if tonight then, after the "concert" and after I eat (which I just realized I haven't done at all today), I just watch TV for a while or something, I'll feel like I'm not doing shit after a while and I'll start cleaning my dining room or something.

Being home more also gives me more time to obsess about stupid things, like the garbage situation at my building. I live if a place with only about 10 units and one dumpster. That dumpster is right outside my kitchen. It doesn't really bother me and I've dealt with that situation for 5 years now. The problem is that the one dumpster is barely enough and occasionally we get in these weird patterns that take a while to get out of. What happens is that someone moves out and dumps tons of garbage so that by the time pick-up day comes, the dumpster is not only overflowing, but people have put boxes and such that wouldn't fit near the dumpster. So then the landlord or whoever, after the dumpster has been emptied, puts the boxes and excess trash in the dumpster. You see the problem coming, right? During the week, then, the normal amount of garbage is thrown away, but then with the extra shit from the week before already in the dumpster, there is again too much and some stuff is once again put to the side. The cycle eventually breaks, but what's happened now is that someone moved in to the vacated apartment, and started throwing away tons of empty boxes and such. So now the problem is continuing. I feel justified in that sometimes the smell does drift when it's hot and I have my screen door in the kitchen open, but also there is a part of me that just obsesses about it like Andie MacDowell in Sex, Lies, and Videotape because that is something to worry and occupy my otherwise content brain.

The concert rules, by the way.

Anyway, I called my landlord today and left what probably sounded like an insane message about smell and trash and raccoons and vicious cycles. I expect to be evicted any day now.

And here's more of my age-12 journal:

Feb 9th, 1984

Nothing great has happened. I've found out that I like Sarah now. (I still like Tanya).

She's going to get me a Student Body t-shirt for free. I think she likes me.

It rained today. After school I went to piano and then to Hilltop where I got a real nice Polo sweater, a pretty cool red jacket, some jeans, pj's, and a Town and Country wallet.

Tonight I went to a science fair at my school. Dave Meyers (I'd like to drop a name here and point out that he is now one of the very top music video directors around thankyouverymuch -- watch MTV for ten minutes and you'll see one of his spots), Daniel Kraut, and I did a project on the brain.

It's 10:58. KITS is playing "Karma Chamelion."

The Robert Downey Jr. Happy Song Corner


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