who dat? contest.

(yo stee. i know
who dat?)

last game:

circus performer, enigma. he has horns now, as people pointed out.

first correct answer:


left column want to learn sign language so can talk to monkeys who know sign language. Teach left column, pretty ladies?

10 stupid things i did today and/or reasons i don't have time to write a real entry

10. Somehow managed to put my underwear on inside-out this morning.

9. Listened to the A Perfect Circle CD for 8 hours straight.

8. Talked to our new temp. Discovered she went to the same college. Discovered she knows my ex. Went and hid.

7. Wore white pants received as a gift for only the second time. For the second time, got them filthy by noon.

6. Dropped my toothbrush in the toilet.

5. Talked on phone for 2 hours long-distance. From work.

4. With gay co-worker, tried to figure out if other co-worker is gay. Still unsure.

3. Enjoyed new nickname someone gave me: Stee Thomas Howell.

2. Discovered how nice and gooey red vines get when you bite the ends off, stick it in your can of diet coke, and use it as a straw.

1. Called friend. Someone answered. Asked for friend. Realized I had instead called a totally different friend when they said, "Who??? Stee, is that you?" Paused. Hung up.

The Larry King Happy Song Corner

Waitin', watchin' the clock. It's four o'clock, it's got to stop. Tell him, take no more. She practices her speech, as he opens the door. She rolls over. Pretends to sleep as he looks her over. She lies and says she's in love with him. Can't find a better man. She dreams in color, she dreams in red. Can't find a better man, can't find a better man. Talkin', to herself there's no one else. Who needs to know. She, tells herself, oh... Memories back when she was bold and strong. And waiting for the world to, come along. Swears she knew it, now she swears he's gone. She lies and says she still loves him. Can't find a better man. She dreams in color, she dreams in red. Can't find a better man. Can't find a better man. She loved him, yeah. She don't want to leave this way. She feeds him, yeah. That's why she'll be back again. Can't find a better man... speaking of which. CNN can't find a better man. Someone told me they were looking. Let them try, boy. Just let them try. I'll sue them faster than they can say... um... help me - I'm old and frightened.
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