buzz buzz

It’s my fault. I know it’s my fault. I have a rabid curiosity for this stuff; it’s like buying a pint of Guinness and then telling myself not to drink it. I can’t. I just can’t. Help.

I’m addicted to Buzz.

So sitting at my boring desk job, I used to write. Write a lot. I wrote plays at my desk. Screenplays. Essays. I even translated Stephen King’s It into Sanskrit at my desk one summer, but now that this goddamn Internet connection got put onto my computer, I can’t get shit done.

And god forbid I get obsessed with something – no matter how briefly this obsession lasts – I’m shot for the week. About a year ago I saw Tori Amos in concert, and quickly fell deeply in love with her. Or at least in fascination with her. So I spent days pouring over the millions of web sites about her. Now there’s a fortunate side with the way the media – including Web media – works; there is only so much to say about a subject. For example, I recently got extremely interested in reading about Edward Norton. I envy his career, and feel akin to him in certain ways, and so I started reading up. And by the third interview, I’d heard it all. Now granted, homeboy is pretty cagey with the press, but it just got dull.

Now, I’m tripping about something else: The Blair Witch Project. I talked about it yesterday, but at that point I hadn’t really explored the online sensation that is free marketing for this little film. Pamie freaked out about it on her site today, my co-workers are freaking out about it, AICN is freaking out about it. (And meanwhile my HSX stock in the film is plummeting – another matter entirely. Grrrrr…) And after a hot day of reading up on the movie, I find that I wished I hadn’t. And I knew I would. Damn. It’s not that my excitement for the film has diminished. Au contraire mon frere - don’t you even go there. It’s just that too much information can be a bad thing. The Internet is about information and access to said information, but this, folks, is not always necessarily good. A relatively facile observation to be sure, but an accurate one, me thinks.

Big props to Artisan, by the way. They had the foresight to purchase TBWP at Sundance and the skill to market the living fuck out of it; and well. (They released Pi. They take risks. Congratulations kids.)

Last night the lady and I went to that screening of The Bone Collector. Not bad. Not bad at all. The structure of the piece is pretty typical of the serial killer genre: interesting deaths, a touch of gore, very human cops, dark foreboding mood. Philip Noyce directed and did a fine job. Denzel plays a paraplegic confined to his bed. He can only move his head and a finger – a role many other leading men might find risky. Angelina Jolie, though her comically gorgeous face and body don’t exactly scream NYPD street cop, did a fine job as well. And Ed O’Neill plays a very un-Bundyish cop. The ending was a tad disappointing, but perfectly acceptable for the genre.

I’m fairly new to this entire online journaling world, but an old site I used to read, which has lain dormant since January, is suddenly filled with the most hilarious online fight I’ve ever been witness to. It seems that an online journaler woman and man were married. She was a sloth and never bathed. He met another online journaler and flew across the country and decided to stay with her. All three sound like horrible people. Read all about it.

This is where I let Larry King take over my body for a few minutes.

Larry's on his All-Star break.