beat, but well

I may be the tiredest boy in the whole wide world. No, seriously. Okay, well maybe there's a guy in Edinburgh undergoing a sleep-deprivation experiment at the University, but I'm number two.

Basically this was an extremely long and extremely good weekend. Really just terrific. Let's see… (FYI, the timeline on this is going to seem weird, I know, but when I posted that last entry, it was actually a few days late and thus I wrapped on Wednesday or Thursday, in truth. Strategery!)

OK, Friday night I worked on my latest Temptation Island recap which is up now. I worked until the Persian family next door began one of their bi-monthly parties, with the shitty house music from like 1993 playing at volume eleven. I guess they just got this music and so it's new and fresh and hip for them. Perhaps next year, Gin and Juice will be all the rage at Casa de Persians. Anyway, when I could stand it no longer, I headed out to a club in Santa Monica to do some dancing - but pretty much ended up just sitting and watching people and chatting with friends I hadn't seen in a while. I learned that I'm pretty much a magnet for Bunim/Murray people, as I saw Cyrus from Real World Boston at the club. He was on the phone the whole time and had piece of fishing wire in his teeth. I guess that's the new club-hip pacifier or cigar. I left early to go hang out with other friends and drink coffee and be cold and chat and watch someone consume Big Cherry and Abba Zaba candies. It's really too gross to go into. There was breakfast at 2pm and then my interview -- Bunim/Murray-sightings continuing -- with Msaada, from Road Rules. I like her more and more every time I talk to her. (For those who don't know, she got in touch with me upon reading my recaps and we met and then became friends.) So we had an early dinner and chatted and I recorded an hour of her answering my questions. The girl can talk, y'all. Anyway, that should be up on MBTV soon.

That night we had the rap party for the film. Ironically, they lost a location and still have one more scene to film, which I'm not in. But we had the party anyway. All my favorite people were there. The best thing, however, was that they had made two reels of slides of production photos which were projected to 20feet by 30feet on a wall outside. Beer. Food. Talking. Laughing. I eventually had to go around midnight because my ass was on about 20 hours sleep all week - two and a half the night before. I crashed early and slept for a blissful, so needed ten hours. Sunday was writing and cleaning and coffee-drinking and basketball-watching. I ordered food in as it's been crazy cold and rainy and talked to my mom and worked on the interview and then after a while went out. Played some games. Watched some TV. Drank some coffee. And then today, which here, at night, finds me having been up for two days. My rock and roll lifestyle: you can't fucking handle it. Now there is some work and bad movies I rented and leftover Chinese food and phone calls to make and I'm going to try to stay up until after I have to do my yearly Oscar nominations pool phone call at 11. Then, I crash until work.

All this is to say: I'm back. I'm tired. I'm happy. I oddly unbusy for a while, which is fantastic. It's cold but warm inside. Stone Temple Pilots is on the stereo and you lovely readers have welcomed me back with your fancy email messages. Y'all are cool.

The Robert Downey Jr. Happy Song Corner

Oh... State of love and trust as I busted down the pretext. Sin still plays and preaches, but to have an empty court, uh huh. And the signs are passin', grip the wheel, can't read it. Sacrifice receiving the smell that's on my hands...hands...yeah. And I listen for the voice inside my head. Nothin', I'll do this one myself. Lay her down as priest does, should the Lord be a countin'. Will be in my honor, make it pain, painfully quick, uh huh. Promises are whispered in the age of darkness. Want to be enlightened like I want to be told the end, end, yeah... And the barrel shakes, and, a-directly at my head. Oh, help me, help me from myself. And I listen, from both sides of a friend. Nothin', I'll do this one myself. Uh huh, huh, oh... Myself...myself... Yeah, yeah... Hey, na, na, na, na, hey, that's something. Wanna back, back it away, yeah, huh, uh. And I listen, oh, for the voice inside my head. Nothin', I'll do this one myself. Oh, ah, and the barrel waits, trigger shakes, aimed right at my head. Won't you help me, help me from myself. Hmm...State of love and trust, and a... State of love and trust, and a... State of love and...yeah...speaking of which. And I listen for the voice inside my head. You know who it is? Kirk Cameron. Yeah, I don't know, man. It's freakin' me out.
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