should old left column be forgot, and never brought to mind? no!

the artist formerly known as stee

I was at work when I wrote this
Forgive me if I start to sob
But when I woke up this mornin'
Coulda sworn that I hate my job
The sky was all gray
There were people driving everywhere
Tryin' 2 get into the valley
U know I didn't even care
Cuz they say two thousand zero zero - switch to beer
Oops out of Wine
So tonight stee’s gonna party like it's 1999

I was smokin’ when I wrote this
So sue me if I cough a lot
But life is just a party
Did I mention Cate Blanchett is hot
Fat joints are all around us
My mind says who has a light?
So if I get too drunk
I'm gonna kiss everyone at midnight
Yeah, they say two thousand zero zero – my favorite wood?
Yup it is Pine
So tonight stee’s gonna party like it's 1999

(Lemme tell ya somethin')
If U didn't bring some matzo
Don't bother because you’re a goy
I got a lion in my pocket
Somebody call Sigfried and Roy
Yeah, everybody's got a bomb
We could all die any day
But before I'll let that happen
I’ll make Travolta admit he’s gay
They say two thousand zero zero – where’s is my pad?
Just off of Vine
So tonight stee’s gonna party like it’s 1999

The Larry King Happy Song Corner

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Hyoooooohhh. Hey. Larry hear. Just getting readder to go to thee bog Y2J bassh awt the Rainblow Rooom with Sam Waterestwon ann d Charile Rose and bef4or I leev we are huving a few Martgoriters and othre cocktowls. Hey. Heeyu. Larry loves ya. You no that, root? You love me twop? Eveebn throu my rattings are waaaaaaaa78ayay doown thius year? It;’s noot my fault that I went4 frreom a flucking 2.1 to a 0.87. That’s noat a2y8t abig drop is it4t? Ah DCHruist. I’m a failooouree. Buyt Larry Still LOVEEEEEES yo78a90wu3u. *#&()*#$ Syhu;aweu;;7sfkg jasd. Ooops. Just feel on the cowboared ther fer a second. OQK. Stajm is comingha ouata of athe bathroooom and WE’red gettting redady to gooo. How doe I LooookkJ? Fluck you a*lll….////][\][\870vhk Goodnught!!!! Lawrrrty haz left the Booldung!!! Fyuckers.!>%

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