should old left column be forgot, and never brought to mind? no!

they all need superior lubrication!

Did you miss me? I didn't miss you...

Not until I got back into town today and my regular life slowly seeped back into my veins and I remembered this whole online world that I've been so far away from. I didn't even look at a TV screen, let alone a computer this week.

And in remembering you and seeing the still unwrapped gifts some people sent (thank you in advance) and wondering how people's holidays were and how people's new babies and new haircuts and new cats were, I discovered I really care.

I actually feel like I know some of you, though I don't. And like some of you. Though you may be horrible people up close. Maybe the best of you filters through the keypad. But I somehow doubt it.

So I sleep now and tomorrow either bore you with the best of the past week or not.


Which of the following did stee NOT do over Christmas vacation?:

1) See three movies co-starring LL Cool J?

2) Visit two different animal shelters for no reason?

3) Lose 40 bucks in poker?

4) Have an affair with another online journaler?

(And by the way, the title is from a junk email I just got for an auto care product. Sorry to disappoint.)

The Larry King Happy Song Corner

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Larry is waiting in line for Deuce Bigalow. Again.

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