unscary Blair Witch fallout

Today is going to be a short day at work, on both ends. I came late today because last night we continued editing, but as the rules of free editing go, we couldn’t get started until 11pm. However, we just kicked ass – got about 5 minutes done total now (done being a loose term here and we’ll most certainly make more changes once we’re done with this first pass). We get back in on Friday night. Meanwhile, Frank, after seeing the scary-ass Blair Witch Project, could not sleep that night. Not because he was frightened, but because he was inspired. I already talked about this a while back, but he has a script that he wrote and is going to direct. It gained a good amount of attention from producers but so far no one has committed. Anyway, this feeling-out process has somehow easily just stretched to 6 to 8 months and Frank is sick of it. His lead actor is off with Clooney doing The Perfect Storm and will be available around winter. The second lead (me), is currently doing nothing with Clooney and will be available, around… um, now.

So when Frank wrote the script he envisioned putting part of it on video, since these amateur stuntmen are hoping to put their "show" on cable access. Well, after seeing Blair Witch, which proved that using both film and video, switching back and forth, not only doesn’t have to be too jarring but can actually enhance the urgency in a film, he went back and realized that he’d set up this convention and only used it about 10% of the time. So he’s rewriting and putting about 50% to be shot on video by one or more of the characters. He’ll then hopefully bust ass to get the budget and shoot. (The beauty part being if he doesn’t get the full budget, we just shoot the video half and go from there, film being costly, video not.) This is all fine and well for me since I’m fucking itching to do this thing already – I love the part.

The reason I’m leaving early is that my boss-boss quit, (she’s smartly taking a new job at a non-unwieldy non-stingy non-evil non-pseudo-happy non-multinational non-conglomerate that will offer her stock options which will eventually trade above 30 – unlike some big stupid-ass companies I could name), so we’re going bowling at 2:00. I guess bowling equals celebration. Normally I’d bow out of any social activity with these people with a quickness, but as I mentioned the other day – I love me some bowling and I never get to do it anymore. I really hope I kick everyone’s ass. I don’t know why, but I really do.

This is where I let Larry King take over my body for a few minutes.

If you haven't heard of her already, (she's been everywhere lately - big article in the New Yorker, played at Tina Brown/Harvey Weinstein's recent launch party for Talk magazine) check out singer Macy Gray. Buy her CD. You will be happy...caught a few minutes of the sitcom Jesse tonight and I swear Christina Applegate is on something big time...heard the Blair Witch chick Heather Donahue on Love Line last night. She seems extra cool...

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