The surprising and pleasant buzzing at my hip just alerted me to the fact that I have to run out and make an ass of myself for the ad execs at Sony PlayStation in an hour so this shall be short.

Spent this past weekend as I will spend tonight: editing. Tom is so good that while we nit-pick every frame, Frank and I, much of our time in there is waiting for Tom to make the cuts we request, or to smooth an audio transition, or to create a visual effect. With this time, Frank and I have started singing songs about Tom. Right at Tom’s back. They started out simple:

(sung with a Sex Pistols feel)

Tom is creating an audio effect.
Tom is creating an audio effect.
Tom is creating an audio effect.
Tom is creating an audio effect.

…but then we began to rewrite real songs with a Tom slant.

(sung to Karma Police by Radiohead)

Tom’s editing
Applaud this man
He talks in cuts
He makes transitions smooth
He likes to bridge the audio-oo-ooo

Tom’s editing
Rework this scene
Your voice-over
We’ll have to re-record
And cont-in-u-i-ty’s for shit

This is what I’ll cut
This is what I’ll cut
This is what I’ll cut
When I press the mouse

Around here is where Tom strongly suggests Frank and I go outside and have a smoke to let him work. A little hint about editors: they’re generally locked in a room all day with demanding tyrants, so any levity is generally appreciated. They especially love it when you sing the entire They Might Be Giants’ Apollo 18 album with their name inserted wherever possible.

Speaking of Thom Yorke, Pamie mentioned him the other day and it reminded me of a bit my group once did. It was a preview for a movie called, "My Left Eye", starring Peter Falk, Forrest Whitaker, and Sammy Davis Jr., with a soundtrack by Radiohead.


In a case of the blind leading the blind, M. and I have been asked to befriend a fellow young actor who is supposedly very good but frustrated about the biz. One of Gary Marshall’s producers (with whom M. worked when she was in Gary’s retard movie) asked her to do this, so we sort of have to. I feel like we’re becoming the Eli Wallach/Anne Jackson of twentysomething out of work actors.


I read this article on CNN today. It has to be a joke. It just has to be:


TOPEKA, Kan., Aug. 11 — The Kansas Board of Education rejected evolution as a scientific principle Wednesday, dealing a victory to religious conservatives who are increasingly challenging science education in U.S. schools. The 10-member board, ignoring pleas by educators and established scientists, voted six to four to embrace new standards for science curricula that eliminate evolution as an underlying principle of biology and other sciences.

The rest is here: – read now because who knows how long it’ll stay up.

I know it’s an unfair leap but I can just see this total disregarding of the facts and the view so widely accepted it is considered obvious taken further:

"The U.S. Senate, ignoring pleas by educators and established scientists, voted 54 to 46 to put Jews into camps for their own protection."

Exactly when did we start going backwards?

This is where I let Larry King take over my body for a few minutes.

Reading a book of short stories by T. C. Boyle. Love this dude, but can someone tell me how to pronounce his "C" name…I was feeling sort of sick last night but then after watching The Real World, I felt better. Is it medicinal now?…speaking of TRW, I recently had drinks with friends of last season’s Irene and they told me some interesting things about how episodes are crafted to where they don’t even vaguely resemble what truly happened…

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